How They Did It: SY Encore

Dec 07, 2015

This super yacht owner wanted a system that was reliable and discreet with an intuitive control interface and the ability to plug in extra aux speakers to the aft deck for parties.
Liquid Automation delivered these requests despite the limited space on board and earned the award for Best Personal Craft in the CEDIA 2015 Asia Pacific Awards.


The SY Encore features:

  • 9 zones of audio and video entertainment
  • 3 zones of audio entertainment
  • 3 navigation stations

The craft features a centralized AV and control system to service all areas. User controls were a mix of AMX touch panels and Crestron handheld remotes. Remote access to the boat is available for worldwide support and system monitoring. Also assisting remote support are automated system protection and services as well as detailed system drawings and documentation.

Overall Scope of the System

Data Network: The network caters to services such as system control, streaming audio and video from the LAN and the internet, and general internet access for services such as Skype.

Distribution of Audio and Video: Distribution of audio and video was a major component of the design of this project. The system needed to cater to sources and connections from currently available equipment as well as have the ability to be upgradeable for future devices. This meant that the modular Crestron Digital Media system was the only real choice.

Content is transported throughout the boat via fiber.

Environmental Control: Rack temperature and humidity have always been a challenge on yachts. To overcome and monitor this, Liquid Automation specified separate air handlers for the audio/video racks on board, monitoring and logging this data via Crestron temperature and humidity sensors.

If a rack temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius, a visual alert will come up on the touch panels. Should it rise to 45 degrees Celsius, the Crestron system will shut down equipment in the rack and will alert the crew and automatically email the Liquid Automation support team.

Security: A Bosch Extreme PTZ camera was installed and fitted to the mast. This allows for a bird’s eye view of the yacht's surroundings. It is accessible in the bridge as a navigation aid, but also to inquisitive guests on their TVs.

The camera has full control from a joystick located in the control room and the AMX touch panels around the yacht. An option to override control and lock out other users is given to both the owner and captain.

In addition to the PTZ camera, Liquid Automation installed two Bosch Dome Cameras in the engine room. These are viewable on the vessel management screens and on the bridge screens.

User Interface: Making such an integrated system easily accessible was the main aim when designing the touch panels. The interface was designed to guide the user through the process with the addition of simple questions and prompts. Any delays associated with equipment turning on are displayed to the user, and a countdown timer is shown so they know exactly what is going on. The design focused on minimizing the amount of button presses to perform any given task and ensuring ease of operation for the full-time crew and short-term guests alike.

AMX touch panels were installed in the main areas on the vessel with Crestron touch panels used elsewhere. A custom module was used to enable the AMX touch panels to reliably communicate with the Crestron back-end systems.

Four AMX MVP5200i touch panels serviced the main areas. Five Crestron MTX3 touch panels were used for control in the Guest Cabins, the Cockpit, and Crew Mess.


SY Encore is a 43.9 meter (144ft) super yacht designed to provide a luxurious living and entertaining environment. As well as being a home away from home, the vessel will also play host to a number of guests. This requires a system as discreet and simple to use as possible without compromising any features or functionality.

In order to achieve discretion, the majority of equipment is completely hidden from plain view, leaving only the bare minimum in sight. TVs in key areas are hidden and automated so that they appear only when video sources are selected, while ceiling-mount speakers have been custom-colored to match the deck head materials.

This discretion works to ensure that the comforts of a home environment are maximized. The custom-designed user interface ensures that guests are able to easily access a range of great entertainment and environmental options without background knowledge of the system’s technical operation. HD video distribution is done via a Digital Media matrix. This handles both entertainment and navigation sources.

The navigation side of the Digital Media matrix gives the captain the ability to select and control any of eight navigation sources via five monitors and three control stations. The Digital Media matrix is also linked to give the rest of the boat access to the mast camera, navigation PC, and ship monitoring PC. Content is transported throughout the boat via fiber in order to provide optical isolation from any potential interference as is common in high-density cabling environments such as a boat.

Guests have access to the PTZ mast camera, which allows a full 360-degree view of the vessel's surroundings in both day and night modes. The control of this camera is programmed to a hierarchy. The owner can take control over guests, but above all, the bridge gets priority for navigational purposes.

The captain also has the ability to mute the entire vessel in case of emergency. This also triggers automatically in the case of a fire or general alarm. An NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) feed from the ship's navigation system was used to create real-time navigation information displayable on the AMX touch panels. This included gauges for ship speed, water temperature, wind speed, and even a rotating dial to show wind direction. A remote access PC has been incorporated into the system.



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