2016 CEDIA Awards: Why Enter?

Feb 05, 2016

The CEDIA Awards program is in place to give our members the opportunity to be recognized in the industry for their best work and to show consumers the ways CEDIA members use technology to provide best-in-life experiences at home.

This year, we wanted to help CEDIA members gain insight into why other companies have entered the CEDIA Awards in the past, why they continue to enter each year, and the benefits they have seen from winning a CEDIA Award.

Today, Jason Voorhees, President of Cantara, shares why his company enters the CEDIA Awards year after year.

CEDIA: Why do you enter the CEDIA Awards?

JASON VOORHEES: We are proud to be a CEDIA member and the CEDIA Awards are a platform which allows us to showcase the work Cantara has recently completed with our peers as well as industry professionals. 

CEDIA: How do you use your CEDIA Awards to enhance your business?

JV: The awards we have won and projects that have been recognized are displayed in our office. It provides credibility and communicates with potential clients and industry partners that Cantara is doing award-winning work.


CEDIA: Describe how winning a CEDIA Award impacts office morale.

JV: Our team works very hard out in the field as well as in the office. When employees see that the work they have done is recognized and viewed as some of the best installations in the country, it makes everyone feel good and proud to be a part of our company. 



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