60 Seconds with CEDIA Volunteer Henry Clifford

Feb 08, 2016

To show our appreciation for our volunteers, we turn the spotlight on them from time to time and learn what drives them day in and day out. Today, we meet volunteer Henry Clifford, of Livewire, LLC in Richmond, VA.

A volunteer since 2015, Clifford currently volunteers in support of CEDIA Training and is a CEDIA Group Leader.

Why do you volunteer?

I love the industry and it's important to pay it forward.

What’s your favorite CEDIA memory?

Having owners come back and tell me about their success stories resulting from my input.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

Make It Happen

What songs are on the soundtrack to your life?

"Road To Nowhere," "Once In a Lifetime," "Mercy Street," "Mexican Radio," "Whisky In The Bottle," "Laudate Dominum," and Faure's "Requiem."

What inspired you to join a CEDIA Group and what is your role?

I wanted to join because I have been a part of a group in Richmond for the last eight years made up of local business leaders (noncompetitive) and participate in roundtables to work on our businesses. Joining that group has been invaluable to my company and we are six to seven times the size of when we first joined.

Being a part of that group inspired me to sign up for CEDIA Groups. I am the CEDIA Group leader for group number one. As a CEDIA Group leader, we have free rein, and I have implemented the roundtable format and transposed it over to CEDIA and it has worked out very well so far.

What would you say to encourage others to join a CEDIA Group?

We are all in this for different reasons, but the common thread is we are all on the merry-go-round. Eventually we will need to get off the merry-go-round, and at that point we have to have an exit strategy. We need to grow our businesses and plan to exit one day. The idea is to build and grow your business and eventually build to sell — because after all, your business is supposed to be an asset.

Companies face different challenges in different phases of growing their business. As we face those challenges, we can either face them alone or face them with other people who are facing the same ones. We can learn from those who have blazed the trail before us and minimize the mistakes. It is lonely to start up a business, and to minimize risk by partnering with like-minded leaders in the industry just makes sense.

What is your all-time funniest prank?

Convincing my buddy that I wanted his solar company to come and solarize my newly acquired underground missile silo. Almost had him set to come and site survey a spot 300 miles from Richmond. Let him in on it after I knew he was already planning to drive it. Priceless.



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