Getting the Goods: How to Find the Best Talent for Your Team

Madie Szrom
Mar 03, 2016

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So, you own your own business and things are going well. You’ve handpicked an amazing team, built a growing list of clients, and are on your way to fulfilling your dream – if you haven’t already.

Now what?

The next step to maintaining your business is ensuring you have a good work culture. You’ve probably heard this buzzword thrown around now more than ever, and that’s because it has become one of the most important topics in the workplace. And, without a strong one, you could risk losing your most valued employees.

According to an article published by Forbes, new Deloitte research shows more than half of business leaders named retention as their biggest challenge, and that’s because employees aren’t happy. Research from Gallup shows that only 31 percent of employees are engaged at work, while a staggering 51 percent are disengaged, and 17 percent are actively unengaged.


To counteract these statistics, work culture has become incredibly important to not only finding the best employees, but keeping them. The days of clocking in and out and silently working, head down, are fading. Today, people aren’t just looking for a paycheck, but a company with meaningful values, a tightknit community, and an important mission they can get behind. As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure these qualities are met.

All this may sound daunting. Where is a small business owner supposed to find the time to research, develop, and implement a plan to keep employees engaged?

Fortunately, there are people who have dedicated their careers to helping business owners learn how to attract, maintain, and sustain talented employees. Jana Anders of Career Systems International is one such expert, and she will be bringing her insights to the CEDIA Business Xchange this spring.

Anders, a certified executive coach and leadership development consultant, will be teaching a workshop at this year’s Business Xchange entitled Getting Good People to Stay, which will focus on identifying what matters in today’s workforce, overcoming barriers, and building a winning culture.

To learn more from Anders and other business experts and connect with fellow industry leaders, register now and see what just a couple days can do for your business.

Madie Szrom is CEDIA's Content Marketing Manager. She can be reached at mszrom@cedia.org.



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