Are You Making More Money Than Your Peers? Find Out!

Olivia Sellke
Mar 28, 2016

As you prepare your company taxes for the looming April 15 deadline, this may be the first time you’ve really been able to look at the year in review and understand what money has been coming in and what money has been going out.

Looking at company financials can be eye-opening and may motivate you to make needed adjustments. But there’s still one thing missing: perspective. Comparing your company against others of similar size and companies that are more profitable can help you understand which changes to make and how they’ll affect your bottom line.

  • Did you see your top line revenues increase?
  • Have your employees generated more revenue this year compared to last year?
  • Where is your gross margin sitting?

The recently released CEDIA Benchmarking Survey found positive changes in financial performance for home technology professional companies in all of these areas. As a CEDIA member, you can dig into the full Benchmarking Survey report to see how you compare in such areas as:

  • What are other companies spending on vehicles or benefits?
  • Better yet, how much are they paying employees?
  • How are other companies using subcontractors or marketing to clients?
  • Thinking about getting into recurring revenue? 51% of firms reported having recurring revenue. You could be missing out!

Log into your CEDIA account to download your copy today.

CEDIA also offers a more personalized version of this report complete with suggestions to help company owners stay productive, efficient, and competitive. This custom report — a value of up to $2,500 — is available exclusively to participants. For details on participating, contact research@cedia.org.

Olivia Sellke is CEDIA's Communications Manager. She can be reached at osellke@cedia.org.



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