Diversify Your Offerings While Your Clients Hone Their Game

Apr 18, 2016

People who love golf really love golf.

It’s their hobby, their social activity, their therapy, and their competitive outlet.

And while we know (and appreciate) the clients who are avid connoisseurs of AV gear, music, movies, gadgets, and the other elements that make up the core of this industry, there’s something special about tapping into people’s passion. 

On April 21 at 1:00 p.m. ET, CEDIA will offer a webinar discussing titled Business Opportunities in Golf Simulators. Join us for a review of business opportunities from the perspective of a territory representative as well as home technology professionals who have experience delivering these systems.

Here are just a few reasons integrators should be paying attention to this space:
  • Golf simulation systems create opportunity for word-of-mouth referrals among the client’s friends and colleagues who share their interest in the game

  • These systems broaden the idea of a gaming space to appeal to people who may not be traditional video gamers

  • Golf simulation is a natural fit for a multi-use space that facilitates interaction and recreation in addition to movie-watching

To find out what opportunities you may have to diversify your offerings with golf simulation systems, register for the webinar today.



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