7 Tips for Your Best CEDIA Awards Entry

Apr 19, 2016

Winning a CEDIA Award is recognition for great work within our industry. Enhance your chance of being a winner by following our tips for putting together your best entry.

1. Use the CEDIA Recommended Practice Documents

Where a CEDIA Recommended Practice Document exists, the judges will use those guidelines as the basis of the engineering part of the judging process. See the list of available recommended practice documents.

2. Photography is Important …

Well-composed, high-resolution photography helps judges evaluate your entry from an engineering perspective as well as aesthetically and ergonomically. It is also required for the presentation of finalists and winners and all of the marketing and PR opportunities that follow.

3. … But Looks Aren’t Everything

It’s not just how the project looks aesthetically — it’s the technical excellence that makes it count. Submit detailed engineering drawings, calculations, and system specifications along with excellent photography.

4. Keep the System Description Concise

Written descriptions should be well-structured and concise, and should concentrate on what makes the system unique. Describe how the project met specific client needs and highlight any innovation or challenges overcome.

5. Custom Integration is What We Do

The judges will look favorably upon projects that demonstrate the custom nature of our industry. Focus on demonstrating high levels of integration, custom solutions, and powerful and intuitive user interfaces.

6. There is No Need to Showboat

A more expensive project does not necessarily have a greater chance of winning. The judges look very favorably upon solutions that meet or exceed the client’s needs within a strict budget.

7. Be the Judge

When you have finished, try to place yourself in the judges' shoes and review your entry with a critical eye. What would you want to know about your project that would make it stand out among the entries?

CEDIA Awards entries are due Friday, May 12, 2017. Begin your entry today at cedia.net/awards. Questions? Email awards@cedia.org or call 317.328.4336.



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