Designing Rooms for Immersive Audio

Matt Oelker
May 31, 2016

Leaders of the residential custom electronics channel began the push toward immersive audio years ago, and it has been a mainstay at the CEDIA show for years. Its prevalence in the home grows with each passing year, and emerging technologies have made a truly immersive audio experience — one that completely envelopes the user — a reality.

Enthusiasts and luxury-minded homeowners alike are blown away by well-prepared home theater spaces with properly executed immersive audio systems.

In the CEDIA course “Designing Rooms for Immersive Audio,” you will get an overview of the technology along with a discussion of the performance goals of a proper audio playback system for the common immersive formats. This session, recorded live at ISE 2016 and now offered conveniently online, uses case studies to examine how to design a room and correctly place speakers to ensure your clients the best possible results regardless of format. The presenters will discuss common obstacles and practical methods to deliver the best performance for different room scenarios.

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About the Presenters:

Peter Aylett is a universally respected residential technology expert with 26 years of experience in the field. Before 2011, Peter was CEDIA’s Director of Professional Development in its UK office, creating much of CEDIA’s education and certification content. He is now Technical Director at Archimedia, a technology integration company employing more than 125 people in five countries across the Middle East.

Arnaud Laborie is the Founder and CEO of Trinnov Audio. Arnaud and the Trinnov team are experts in 3D audio processing, from the soundstage to commercial cinema and home theater products.

Matt Oelker is CEDIA’s Director of Online Learning. Matt can be reached at moelker@cedia.org

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  1. 1 Jake Tillerson 04 Nov
    I believe that everything with home theater will continue to become more immersive. Eventually, it will become more like we're in the movies rather than watching them!



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