High Performance Audio Begins at the Source

Matt Oelker
Jun 06, 2016

The luxury audio systems you sell to your clients (or even purchase for yourself) are only as good as the source material being played back. But there is no question that digital audio files and streaming services are the preferred sources for today’s home audio systems.

With today’s technology, storage space for these digital files is no longer an issue. So the question now becomes: “Should you offer your clients the HD audio experience?”

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for “Making the Most of HD Audio” and you’ll find the answer to this question from an expert with more than 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics and audio industries.

This seminar, recorded live at ISE 2016 and now offered conveniently online through CEDIA, will discuss the difference between the common lossless CD-quality audio (16-bit), lossy compressed (MP3) audio, and high-resolution audio (24-bit), which provides studio master quality to the consumer. This session also reviews the available audio formats, the current high-resolution sources, and the requirements to use them.

Discover the differences in formats and learn the background on Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), an end-to-end technology that allows a high resolution, 24-bit studio master quality digital audio file to be reduced to the equivalent stream size of a common CD-quality, 16-bit lossless digital audio file. Learn how MQA technology can allow streaming of master quality sound with your clients’ current internet connection and IT hardware.

About the Presenter:

Richard Hollinshead is Meridian Audio’s Chief Technical Officer. With more than 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics and audio industry, Richard has been a pivotal figure at Meridian. He has been instrumental in many of the company’s developments, including the software design for the world's first digital signal processing loudspeaker in 1990. More recent achievements include his work on Meridian’s award-winning Special Edition Digital Active Loudspeaker range and its new in-wall/in-ceiling DSP320 loudspeaker. Since 2008, Richard has led the development of Meridian’s audio technology available in McLaren and Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.

Matt Oelker is CEDIA’s Director of Online Learning. Matt can be reached at moelker@cedia.org



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