Great Racks – More Than Waterfalls

Matt Oelker
Jun 13, 2016

The majority of us entered this industry because of our passion — a passion for merging cutting-edge technology and giving our clients a life lived best at home. The rack is the nexus of this experience, the heart of every project —where the reality of a smart home exists through a multitude of interconnected, communicating devices.

Designing the equipment rack is one of the most important parts of any installation. It’s a delicate act: balancing the logistics of the components and their interaction to each other while maintaining an environment that supports serviceability and scalability.

However, it is one that can be mastered with the proper knowledge from industry-leading experts who have bested this challenge for decades.

If you want to learn tips and tricks for cabling and rack building from a specialist who preconfigures and pretests racks for dozens of residential and commercial audio/video companies throughout Europe, look no further than the course “Building the Perfect Rack.”

Recorded live from Amsterdam at ISE 2016, Nick Pidgeon, Director of Visualization Limited, shares his strategies on a variety of topics, including: specifying different racks for different applications, equipment layout, power and signal layout practices, strain-relief practices, cabling techniques for maximum serviceability, and of course, creating the ultimate waterfall (cable neatness).

Even the most experienced rack builder can take away some ideas from this presentation.

You will learn about structural methodology for rack building, from planning to future servicing. The course also discusses best practices, the importance of wiring choices, and standardization's which can be applied to projects of all sizes. By registering for this session, now offered conveniently online through CEDIA, you will gain a deeper understanding into the different types of racks and how to apply the correct knowledge for overcoming issues for wiring, connectivity, and rack building as a whole.

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About the Presenter:

Nick Pidgeon is the Director of Visualization Limited, a reputable rack build and resource partner providing integration services to the residential, commercial, retail, and higher education installation industry.
After initially working in the commercial sector of the AV industry, Nick began running a large team of rack wiremen at the age of 19 after six months of employment with ProAV (formally known as RSL). Four years later, he set up Visualization.

Matt Oelker is CEDIA’s Director of Online Learning. Matt can be reached at moelker@cedia.org



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