CEDIA® Member Benefits: A Refresher

Ed Wenck
Oct 19, 2016

It's that time of year when you’re likely considering renewing your CEDIA® membership.

We hope you do. We’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done over the course of the past year. We’ve reaffirmed our commitment to giving our members the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Simply put: We’re much, much more than just the folks who put on that big trade show every year.

Some examples:

The CEDIA Online Community

This one’s been a hit. The forum’s been jam-packed with lively discussions, and the online library is growing by the day.

As our members tell us:

“The new CEDIA Online Community is this great place for members to get together and collaborate on a social level. People can collaborate, ask questions; people can share resources, upload data…” — Ryan Donaher, Meridian America

“It’s great. Being able to reach out to others in the industry, just putting a question out there even if not to anyone in particular, or even just passively watching what others are writing about — it really is the most dedicated forum out there.” — David Meyer, Immerge Consulting

CEDIA Education and Certification

While the CEDIA commitment to setting industry standards is fairly well documented, the business of running a business is something we’re continuing to focus on. Maybe you joined us for the webinar on changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act? (If you missed that tutorial on the shift in overtime exemptions, you can find it here.)

Our New Hire Training Track was rolled out recently, too — 10 eCourses (and the CEDIA Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems textbook) that provides entry-level employees with lessons on everything from wiring fundamentals to customer relations. This coursework is the result of two years of R & D by CEDIA’s Education team.

Three Boot Camps are scheduled for November — Advanced Networking Boot Camp, Basic Residential Boot Camp, and Home Theater Boot Camp — and, of course, CEDIA Certification tells your customers (and your partners) that you’re an expert in your field.

Join us in Indy — and ask the crew at HQ where to find some serious, world-class eats and drinks. (No kidding — we’ve got some amazing restaurants in town to make up for the November weather.)

The CEDIA Awards

New this year is the CEDIA Awards Yearbook, a publication including everyone who entered CEDIA’s annual Awards competition — with special focus on the winners and finalists, of course. The Yearbook will be available just before the turn of the new year (check your mailbox) and also includes profiles of our Volunteers of the Year, the 2016 Young Professional of the Year and this year’s CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Mr. Chang K. Park. Of course, the book would be nothing without the entries — it features amazing work, and it’s sure to serve as an “idea bank” for your firm, too.

As for the awards?

“It’s a morale booster for our staff. It also gives us credibility when we’re talking to our clients.”

Those two simple sentences from Mike Chorney of La Scala sum things up nicely, we think.

There are more reasons to join or renew — members-only benefits like CEDIA Groups, the CEDIA Outreach Instructor Program and others — that we’ll be speaking of in the near future. In the meantime, you can find all the benefits of membership here.

Thanks. We’ll see you in 2017.



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