Delivering the 10K Payload

David Meyer, Director of Technical Curriculum
Mar 15, 2017

After a decade with video plateaued at 1080p, the dust is barely settling on 4K UHD and now there’s talk of 5K, 8K and 10K. Just what is 10K anyway? And does it even matter yet?

Keeping up with technology is not quite enough – you need to stay ahead of it! CEDIA presents an event that will help you do just that: a course called Delivering the 10K Payload.

Many technology integrators are now succeeding with service plans for longer-term client engagement. It follows that designing a manageable degree of scalability in the system you install for them is key – it paves the way for future upgrades. That’s an outcome that’s highly desirable for you and your clients alike. Understanding about future formats does matter now.

This all-new 90 minute course takes a pre-release look at HDMI 2.1, and its new highlight features and bandwidth. We’ll compare many video formats for bandwidth requirements to give it all a good dose of perspective, and complement the coursework with the various cabling options moving forward. These include new developments in HDBaseT, the rapidly growing space of AV-over-IP, and a need-to-know overview of fiber optics.

This must-attend training event will occur on the morning of Thursday, April 6 at the Custom Integration Expo in Toronto, Canada. I’ll be presenting, drawing on my position as a 10-year veteran HDMI Subject Matter Expert. Attendance of UHD Video and Beyond: The Science of Better Pixels, debuting the previous day at the same event, is highly recommended but not mandatory.



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