Tips for CEDIA Newbies, Part Two

Ed Wenck
Jul 13, 2017

As we mentioned earlier, CEDIA EMEA’s Marketing Assistant Amy Bates posted the following question on the CEDIA Community site:

Hi all,

Does anyone have any good tips for other members attending the CEDIA Expo for the first time that they would be willing to share?

It would be great to hear advice from those who have been in previous years!

The Community site is a members-only benefit, but we’d like to share more of the responses Amy received for those making their first trek to a CEDIA show.

(You can find the first installment of those tips here.)

Here are a few pointers from a (relative) newbie:

My first Expo was in 2014, and I learned some valuable lessons that show (the hard way)!

1. Drink water! I always carry a bottle or two of water with me on the show floor. Staying hydrated will help with all the walking.
(NOTE: This piece of advice comes up a LOT when speaking with trade-show vets, as well as the next two.

2. Speaking of walking, wear comfortable shoes and clothes, you will be on your feet most of the day. Dress for the weather. Check the forecast before you leave and assume it's probably going to be wrong.

3. Don't forget to eat. Trust me, it happens easily.

4. Don't forget to have fun! There's always cool stuff to see or check out so plan some time to be a tourist. After show parties and dinners are always a good time to meet with vendors and reps and network with other professionals, just don't forget Rule 1 above.

5. Carry hand sanitizer and use often. You'll be shaking a lot of hands.

6. I usually carry a backpack on the floor to put literature, paperwork, etc., and empty it out every night.

7. Set appointments with key manufacturers or reps before the show. The CEDIA expo app works good for this (and the map can be a lifesaver)

8. I attended one of the panel discussions last year and was really impressed.

9. Keep an open mind. There's lots of cool stuff and great folks at the show.

Brian Moseley, Partner, Moseley Electronics LLC

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Next up, this string of advice starts with some tech tips:

1. Turn off your Bluetooth & WiFi on your phone. They will continuously search for other devices and eat up your battery life.

2. Turn down the brightness of the screen, too. This will also preserve your battery.

3. When making appointments put the meeting time in the heading of the invitation or email. Some calendars don't change time zones well and your appointments may end up out of sync.

4. Don’t have back to back to back meetings. There’s a wealth of other equipment you will want to (and should) see, so take the time.

Ken Irvine, VP Vendor Relations/Systems Designer, Premier Custom Audio & Video, Inc.
We'll have more tips soon. Stay tuned.




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