Tips for CEDIA Newbies, Part Three

Ed Wenck
Aug 22, 2017

As we mentioned earlier, CEDIA EMEA’s Marketing Assistant Amy Bates posted the following question on the CEDIA Community site:

Hi all,

Does anyone have any good tips for other members attending the CEDIA show for the first time that they would be willing to share?

It would be great to hear advice from those who have been in previous years!

The Community site is a members-only benefit, but we’d like to share even more of the responses Amy received for those making their first trek to a CEDIA show.

(You can find the first installment of those tips here, and Part Two here.

Here’s a few tips from someone who’s literally attended every CEDIA show:

1. MAKE A PLAN and stick to it. Review the exhibitor listings in advance. Separate the companies you must see from those you would like to see from those that are interesting. Try and visit your “must sees” the first day or at least stop by and make an appointment for later.

2. Don't hesitate to ask questions or advice! Almost everyone is willing to help; we all want you to succeed, so take the time to ask and LISTEN. Formulate key questions for exhibitors or education session presenters in advance if at all possible. If you attend education classes (and you should) don't be shy – you paid your money, get the most for your investment! Ask questions, interact with others, network!

3. Don't forget that some of the most interesting stuff may be found amongst the smaller, newer exhibitors, and the less well-known names. Make time especially later in the show to visit as many of those as you can – you never know what amazing product you might find. Keep your eyes open for the hidden gem of an exhibitor, tucked away behind some gigantic major name booth.

Welcome aboard!

Dr. Frederick J. Ampel, President & Principal, Technology Visions Analytics

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And lastly, Amy shared with us an email she received from a fellow named Leonardo:


1. Use the mobile CEDIA SHOW APP. You can schedule meetings, review courses, make appointments, plan your show floor visits, etc.

2. Attend at least one Manufacturer’s course of your interest. They are free and full of knowledge.

3. Read the "CEDIA Daily" magazine from the show.

4. Have with you enough business cards to give and a pen so you can write notes on the card of your contacts. Be discreet; those of some cultures do not like when you write on their business cards.

5. Attend at least one "social" meeting or CEDIA social gathering to meet people.

6. Leave all the brochures and souvenirs for the end. Otherwise you will be carrying lots of things that will get you tired.

7. Stay at the show’s official hotels if possible.

8. Be smart with your time. Do not stay in one place too long. Move around.

9. Have a free beer. (You will find several happy hours!)

10. Just enjoy your trip! Do take an hour or two to visit the city of San Diego.

Leonardo Reyes, President/Owner/Partner/CEO, Tecnoinnovaciones de Sonora SA de CV



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