Introducing Students to the Home Tech Pro Career Path

Stephanie Taylor
Sep 29, 2017

It is no secret that the growth and health of our industry depends heavily upon a qualified workforce and a strong, sustainable pipeline of young people eager to learn the trade. This week, CEDIA HQ staff — with help from volunteer Ken Irvine of The Premier Group — did their part to raise awareness of our industry by participating in a local Indianapolis initiative called JobSpark. 

CEDIA at JA JobSpark 1

Sponsored by Junior Achievement of Central Indiana, JA JobSpark was a two-day, hands-on career expo at the Indiana Fairgrounds that allowed 8,700 Indianapolis eighth-graders to explore potential careers through experiential learning and interaction with local employers from fast-growing industry clusters.

Junior Achievement has built a broad coalition of participating companies, non-profit and government partners, business groups like the Indy Chamber, and others to help coordinate JA JobSpark. Thousands of volunteers, dozens of schools, and hundreds of teachers worked together to reach students with a look at the opportunities that could be waiting for them after they finish their education.

CEDIA at JA JobSpark 2

CEDIA offered a hands-on wall speaker installation station, a demo on cable cutting and termination, and a home theater experience for this group of eighth-graders. We talked with students who had never held a screwdriver and others who had already tinkered with AV equipment and enjoyed the opportunity to show what they knew. It was a great opportunity to engage the youth in our area and have an opportunity to discuss what we do. It’s never too early!

CEDIA at JA JobSpark 3

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