Call for Presentations: Share Your Knowledge

Ed Wenck
Oct 30, 2017

It’s that time of year again: CEDIA® has opened up the annual Call for Presentations for the 2018 show in San Diego.

The quick read is:

CEDIA is looking for presentations focusing on current and/or emerging technologies or business practices relevant to the residential systems industry. 

By presenting, you will gain access to thousands of dedicated industry professionals and be recognized as an expert in the field. 

Have the germ of an idea? Maybe we can offer a few areas of potential inspiration:

Voice Integration

A LOT has been made regarding the ubiquity of voice control — suddenly, it’s seemingly everywhere. Do you have some insight or expertise that would help the average integrator use the tech that’s out there in a new and (perhaps most importantly) customizable way? On a related note:

GAFA, FAANG, or Whatever Today’s Acronym Might Be

You can find Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple buried in that alphabet soup. As we’ve noted several times during and after CEDIA 2017, there was a buzz that seemingly felt like an old-school-CEDIA vibe: Here are a bunch of things. How can we make those things work together? How can we again become makers — or monitors (hello, RMR) -- when it comes to turning this potentially DIY universe into CEDIA-channel magic?

Networking Security — and Liability

This one’s big and getting bigger. As the KRACK Attack showed, learning how to build a better residential network is becoming more and more complex, and the liability issues attendant to potential breaches mean integrators need to learn how they can be exposed — both digitally and legally. Whether your expertise lies in insurance, legal issues, or network infrastructure, we’d like to hear about it.

Gaming is a Very Big Thing

Video games aren’t just for adolescents — they’re an entertainment channel al their own that can make amazing use of 4K displays and tremendous audio. They also present challenges (latency, frame tear, the list goes on) that need addressing when games are part of the client proposal.

Lighting the Way

Lutron’s Sam Woodward presented a CEDIA Talk at the show in San Diego during which he asked the attendees how many included lighting pitches in their proposals. The number of hands that went up were — well, underwhelming. Given recent advances in this segment, it’s pretty clear that lighting and shading offer tremendous opportunities.

Green and Clean = Green in Your Wallet

Net-zero buildings. Sustainable properties that are efficient enough to provide tremendous savings on energy costs. Water reclamation and smart plumbing that can detect leaks. All of these nascent ideas are inter-related and could provide fodder for an educational session.

The Business of Business

Project management, accounting basics, training your crew to be customer-service-oriented at all times, running a winning service team — all of these training sessions were again well-attended at CEDIA 2017. Learning how to pitch contracts, anticipating client pain points, and closing on those leads — these topics are always popular sessions.

There’s more, of course — are you well-versed in the concepts behind HDR or speaker placement when it comes to 3D audio? Give us your pitch — if it’s not already covered, if you’ve got a great concept and the charisma to share your knowledge, if you’ve got some clever ideas for hands-on lab work — well, we might see you behind a podium in San Diego next September.

The deadline is November 27, 2017. You can find all the necessary info to make your pitch here.



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