How They Did It: Surf's Up

Ed Wenck
Nov 09, 2017

This winner from Land & Sea Entertainment is an oceanfront home that includes lighting that shines on the beach, allowing the owners and guests to surf any time they please. Inside, the sound system needs to keep the music inside so as not to wake the neighbors, while keeping the roar of the ocean outside.

This huge, whole-home retrofit is notable for what the casual viewer can’t see, hear, or experience directly: state-of-the-art power management, fully active racks designed to withstand seaside conditions, and some of the best documentation CEDIA’s judges have ever seen. The man responsible for that rack, Ken Penner, was overjoyed when the team picked up their trophy at the CEDIA Awards — but wasted no time in stressing that the project was a true team effort. “It’s fantastic,” he said, then gestured at his assembled colleagues. “And I got to work with these guys on this one for two-and-a-half years.”

As the judges noted, the inclusion of photos of the home’s systems with overlays describing the various elements of the project means that anyone can work on any aspect of the home at any time. No prior knowledge of the system is required — it’s that detailed. CEDIA’s judges remarked that the documentation itself was a saleable asset, as valuable as any gleaming appliance or custom millwork. Another judge noted, “It’s a shame we don’t give an award for power management.”

The project won additional honors for the team at Land & Sea, picking up nods for Best Documentation and Best Dressed Rack as well as a CEDIA Global Award.

Land & Sea Entertainment

4498 Paola Way

San Diego, CA 92117




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  1. 1 Matt 27 Nov
    We've been reading about this award-winning project over at AV Programming Associates' website (https://www.avprogramming.com/). This is a great article as well! And excellent photos.



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