How They Did It: The Playhouse

Ed Wenck
Dec 15, 2017

The winning project in this category, which includes everything from a dedicated home theater to a basketball court, is the ultimate getaway play space. As DC Home Systems told us, the project demanded many technological solutions.

Those solutions included: Clean, full and powerful audio that would blanket all interior spaces without interfering with the aesthetic; control systems and user interfaces that were consistent with their other homes, and easy for guests to use; a “Best in Class” theater room that was optimized for guest and family fun; and hidden technology.

There was more, of course – including an HVAC system that would control temperature and humidity in order to preserve the client’s rare, expensive art collection, and a fresh air supply for the project’s massive fireplace.

AV gear includes KEF and Triad speakers and subwoofers, Lab.Gruppen amps, Leon subs and soundbar, Sony 4K TVs, a Seymour Screen Excellence Cinemascope screen, a Digital Projection 4K Dual-LED projector, and Crestron controls.

The “Playhouse” met the homeowner’s wildest dreams – and impressed CEDIA’s judges, too. One member of the panel remarked: “It’s one of the most well-rounded projects I’ve seen.”  In addition to the Special Project Award this entire integration won in 2017, the Home Theater alone won a CEDIA award for Best Cinema in the Level IV division -- as well as a Global Award.

DC Home Systems

170 West Road, Suite 8

Portsmouth, NH 03801




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Apple iPad Mini4

Autonomic MMS-2A streaming music player

Chief hardware

CinemaTech seating

Coastal Source outdoor lighting gear

Crestron controls

Digital Projection 115-630 Lens for Insight Projector, 1.76 – 2.77:1 1

Digital Projection Insight 4K Dual-LED 3-chip DLP projector

iPort stations and sleeves

Kaleidescape Alto HD movie player

Kaleidescape Strato 4K Ultra HD movie player

KEF speakers and subs (including in-wall, in-ceiling, and all-weather)

Kinetics acoustic treatments and starfield

Lab.Gruppen C28-4 amplifiers

Lab.Gruppen FP 4000/BP amplifiers

Lab.Gruppen NLB 60E NomadLink bridge

Leon Aaros A8-400 powered subwoofer

Leon HzOTO soundbar

Lumagen Radiance PRO 4440 video processor

Samsung HD TVs

Seymour Screen Excellence TAM-2L screen

Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs

Triad speakers, subwoofers, and amps

Trinnov Audio sound processor

WattBox gear



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