How They Did It: The Sanctuary

Ed Wenck
Jan 25, 2018

This award-winning project (Best Integrated Home, Level I, Asia-Pacific) features technology that’s barely visible to the user with distributed media that can be called up with a single tap on the home’s controllers. A dedicated media room was also included in the vision, along with the most robust Wi-Fi network available.

In addition to audio, video, and networking capabilities, Digital Residence also integrated lighting, fans, security, CCTV systems, and data storage. Outdoor spaces are also part of the project – a custom drop-down device that lowers a television from the ceiling porch struck the judges as, quote, “terrific and carefully designed.”

Some of the automation events in the design include:

  • External lighting that comes on at sunset — and then shuts down at 10 p.m.
  • Sensors in hallways that turn ceiling and wall lights on from sunset to 7 p.m. — and then only turn on wall lights from 7 p.m. to sunrise.
  • Sensors in all bathrooms that ensure lighting is always on when required.
  • Controls ensuring all lighting, fans, and AV is turned off when the security system is triggered.
  • An intercom button that, when pressed, emails a snapshot of the guest to the owners and sends the call to the home’s three internal touchscreens and the owner’s phones.

The CEDIA judges were also incredibly impressed by the economy of this whole-home integration with its lighting scenes, elegant rack, and thoughtful security solutions.

Digital Residence
4 Higgs St.
Albion, Queensland 4010
61 040 180.4634
CEDIA Member Since 2012

Apple TVs
AVGear products
Bosch Quad PIR detectors
Control4 processor, touchscreens, intercoms, and remotes
Cool Components cooling kits
Datamaster rack
DMX lighting controller
Dynalite lighting and controls
Elite Screens 135” 16:9 screen
Humax PVR
Integra    DTR-70.6 AV receiver
Krix Atmospherix speakers
Krix Dynamix speakers
Kirix Hemsipherix speakers
Krix Symmetrix speakers
Krix Volcanix subwoofers
Leviton    OmniPro II security controller   
Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray player
Samsung Blu-ray player
Sonos Connect Amps
Sonos Playbars
Sony VPL-HW65ES projector
Sony TVs
Synology RS815+ with Seagate 4TB IronWolf hard drives
Unifi switches and router



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