The CEDIA Online Community: Members Speak

Ed Wenck
Feb 05, 2018

Our members share with us the CEDIA® benefits they value the most; those that help their businesses thrive year after year. In this post, we focus on CEDIA’s Online Community.

CEDIA's online Community portal allows for feedback, answers to questions, and acts as a repository for resources uploaded by its members. And when someone asks a question, the responses are pretty robust – after all, CEDIA’s a global organization.

That worldwide reach is evidenced by some of the content on the Community site beyond the discussion threads: CEDIA’s own David Meyer — who hails from Down Under — post regularly on a variety of topics, including AV-over-IP and the advance to HDMI 2.1.

There are other channels on the site, too, from an events calendar to the file-sharing page called the “CEDIA Library,” which allows members to upload or view any documents or photos they choose.

“There are people that I know, people I don't know, relationships that I've made because of the Community.

As for what’s been the most popular part of the site, the Community Discussions, there are threads on everything from best business practices to technical issues — and the participation on those threads can lead to terrific networking opportunities.

Just ask Livewire’s Henry Clifford: “There are people that I know, people I don't know, relationships that I've made because of the Community. It's this cool, raw feed. ‘Hey, has anybody had an issue with this? Hey, what about this? What do you guys think about this announcement?’ You collect, and then you can see what's going on.”

Jeff Cooper of Simply Sight and Sound likes the global, 24/7 nature of the platform. “Not everyone's available during the day, so being able to throw up a question or post a question, and get multiple replies from across the globe? That’s terrific.”

Ready to get in on the discussion? It’s free for members — just sign up: cedia.net/community



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