How They Did It: Total Immersion

Ed Wenck
Mar 08, 2018

This stunning project was part of a new home, and Liquid Automation was able to create a “purpose-built” space with a completely immersive experience — including a Dolby Atmos sound system.

From the ceramic bearings in the projector box’s fans to the racks being stowed behind breathable fabric, every step was taken to reduce the noise floor of this room. Liquid Automation explained in further detail: “The cabinetry at the front of the cinema was designed as essentially a fabric-paneled frame. This allowed maximum acoustic transparency, as well as more-than-adequate convection cooling for the three AV racks, as fan cooling was not an option due to noise.” Wavetrain Cinemas helped the Liquid Automation team in achieving a room free of distractions.

Another concern in this new build: proper power management. “Power conditioners were installed at both the local rack end and the projector hush box. This was the only way to ensure that any electrical spikes or inherent noise was not brought into the room affecting audio and video quality.” Other appliances nearby are isolated so as not to interfere with the room’s clean power sources.

Add to that an incredibly intuitive control system that lets any user customize and save a scene by holding a lighting button down for three seconds, and you’ve got a room that’s a clear winner in its category: Best Media Room, Level III (Asia-Pacific).

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