I AM CEDIA — Hemant Daya, DayaTech

Mar 12, 2018

Who are you?

Hemant Daya, Managing Director of DayaTech Automation. I’m also known as the guy who takes normal, mundane, ordinary tasks of life and looks for ways to innovate, improve, and ultimately automate them.
What’s your company and where is it based?

DayaTech is an automation company based in Cairns, Far North Queensland. We service residential, commercial, and hospitality verticals. The personal connection that we have with our customers is our core focus, along with the ability to provide solutions that offer the smartest and most convenient way to live and operate.

How did you get into the industry?

After spending 16 years in corporate IT, my overwhelming passion for consumer electronics spurred me to change paths. I began to pursue my interests in automation and started DayaTech Aquarium Automation, where I specialized in designing and automating large residential and commercial aquariums. After relocating from Sydney to Cairns, we relaunched DayaTech and since then, have continued to develop the company to be a home automation leader for Far North Queensland.

What’s your favorite project and why?

We are currently working on a rather challenging large home that has required out-of-the-box thinking, due to the customer’s very specific requirements. The demand is for continuous and seamless access to his newly built holiday home in Cairns from his primary residence overseas.

Which home technology do you consider the most important today and why?

We have an aging population who need solutions for in-home care, dispersed family support, and keeping up with the rate of change in society. I believe the value of home automation for the aging population will be best judged by its ease of use and its ability to enhance lives.

What’s the biggest issue for home technology businesses today?

The biggest issue in Australia is the overall lack of awareness around the fantastic advancements in home technology. There is also a measure of distrust for technology in people’s homes in general. The dissatisfaction a customer feels can usually be attributed to a few key factors, including overselling the ability of a product or solution, poor implementation of the solution, and overarching security concerns.

Why did you become a CEDIA member?

CEDIA represents the highest standards of integrity, business ethics, and professionalism within our industry and hence, I wanted to be part of that.

Which CEDIA benefits have you/do you plan on taking advantage of?

Education and Certification!  Having accumulated many qualifications throughout my career, such as B.Engineering, Master in Information Security, Microsoft Certified Engineer, and Open Framework Architect to name a few, I understand the value of constantly learning, adapting, and upskilling. CEDIA plays a leading role in my development strategy for this year.
What does 2018 hold for your company?

We are looking forward to a very busy year establishing DayaTech Automation as a leading integrator and bringing automation to people’s lives in Far North Queensland. We are proud of our newly built customer experience center, as it gives our customers a complete vision of how subtle technology can be in well-designed smart living spaces.




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