The Last 5%: Wisdom from Our Members (And Some Others, Too)

May 10, 2018

“The toughest part of a job? Sometimes it’s the last 5%.” – Anon.

Updated on January 7, 2019

The awards are a challenge — in a good way — and it motivates us to deliver better projects every time. I think it is a healthy competition, and it allows us to improve and be inspired by other member’s projects. Joel Reis, Life Emotions (Portugal), on the annual CEDIA Awards

The years that I spent in a music studio help me understand how audio should sound in a domestic environment or in a home cinema. Also, having built several studios in the past, I am able to handle the acoustic design, and I can tell you, there is more to acoustic design than hanging a few acoustic panels. — Zak Vracevic, M.E.G.A., AV Installations (UK), on his pro-sound background

We often don’t charge properly for the value of what we do and what we know. — Kris Hogg (UK), on “The Evolution of the Integrator,” a CEDIA Tech Council Podcast (No. 1833, Episode 71)

Nicholas Negropante at MIT Video Lab wrote a landmark book that we all should have read called “Being Digital.” And he talked about frying an egg. And he said if you look in a sunny side up egg, you've got the yolk in the middle and the white all around, and that's work versus play. He goes, his life is a scrambled egg. It's all mixed together. Play, work, whatever, it's all the same thing. Family. It's all the same. And I looked at that, and I said, "I want that. No, no. I need that.” — CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Joel Silver (ISF, USA), on work-life “balance”

 I’m also known as the guy who takes normal, mundane, ordinary tasks of life and looks for ways to innovate, improve, and ultimately automate them. — Hemant Daya (DayaTech Automation, Australia), on loving what you do



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