How They Did It: A Designer Home Fit for 007

Jul 26, 2018

This smart home was recognized twice in the 2017 CEDIA EMEA Awards. London-based integrator NV Integration won two of the highly contested categories: Best Integrated Home £360,000 and over (Level IV) and Technology Meets Design, an award that recognizes an integrator who, by working closely with a design/build team, has installed home technology that complements the design scheme for the room or home.
The client wanted to build a fully-automated five-bedroom home in Thailand. NV Integration’s proposal included integrated control of all core systems, along with a custom user interface. As this was the client’s third smart home, he challenged the integrator to deliver some creative features to impress his visitors, as one of the primary functions of the home was entertainment.

To effectively manage a project of this scale, NV Integration chose a Crestron control system. The sub-systems comprise all AV, including a home theater with cinematic-motion seats and distributed audio and video, internal and external lighting, window treatments consisting of both single and double curtains and blinds, CCTV, gate entry, climate control, and management of a wine cellar.

With entertainment in mind, an AV system that offered the highest level of quality and performance was required. NV Integration used Autonomic's Mirage Media Server to stream audio to 25 zones from sources including Tidal and Spotify, delivered by Bowers & Wilkins speakers. Alongside this, Crestron's Digital Media 4K video distribution system delivers centralized video content to 16 zones, making it available on all of the screens at any one time. Meridian products were also in the mix.

NV Integration worked with a local Thai lighting designer and used Lutron HomeWorks QS to integrate lighting. Each of the lights within the 350 lighting circuits can be turned on or off or set to turn on automatically at certain times of the day. Lighting has been used to stunning effect. In the upper stair hall, DALI lights around a fish art installation have been sequenced to give the impression that they are swimming. The fountains have also been integrated within the Lutron system and are programmed to run at select times of the day to ensure the ponds are oxygenated for the fish.

Control of the sub-systems is accessed through a combination of options. Crestron in-wall touch screens for whole-home functionality, touchscreen remotes for local areas with TVs and guest rooms, and a Crestron app via an iPad. The HD color wall touch panels, located throughout the building, guide the user through simple, intuitive operation of the various options. There are a number of personalized features, such as access to major news sources and weather, plus a welcome screen for guests. The owner also wanted a "global" page with the ability to look at a custom plan of each floor of his home and view and control the status of lighting and air conditioning.

The integrator has programmed a variety of scenes, incorporating lighting, music, and AV to simplify setting an atmosphere. These comprise a variety of entertainment modes, including “informal,” “formal,” or “birthday party,” as well as pre-sets for the home cinema and a shutdown sequencer if the residence is unoccupied. If the PIR detects activity during night hours, a dedicated TV in the master bedroom automatically switches on and displays the camera images too, enhancing security. The owner can access the control system remotely using an iPad and so can get his home ready for his arrival after he's been absent.

One of the innovative elements of the system is integrated control of the wine inventory. The wines are managed by scanning a barcode on each bottle via the CellarTracker app and a wall-mounted iPad. The Crestron app then displays the wines available and is searchable by criteria such as regions, producers, or "readiness to drink."

The integrator was faced with some significant challenges in delivering this project, predominantly stemming from the project's location in Southeast Asia. Every scenario needed to be carefully thought through to ensure that every possible piece of equipment was pre-ordered and shipped. The logistics of getting everything and everybody safely on site was complex in terms of visas, import duties, and taxes. Although most of the local contractors spoke English, the team of electricians did not, which resulted in multiple site-visits and checks.

Not content with eye-catching features and extensive customisation of the system, the client also wanted the technology to be hidden. In three of the rooms, custom woodwork conceals the TVs, which create an impact when they are revealed.

This spectacular house took five years to build. NV Integration delivered an outstanding automated home with the wow factor that the client desired. The judging panel at CEDIA says, "The winning project is the definition of a smart home. It stands out on so many levels and truly feels like James Bond’s house."

Grosvenor Waterside
Gatliff Road
London, SW1W 8QN | United Kingdom

Equipment List

Artcoustic Bespoke soundbar and subwoofer
Autonomic Mirage wedia server
Bowers & Wilkins CCM Series speakers
Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre surround
BPT XIP Entry System
Cellar Tracker wine inventory system
Cisco managed network
Crestron 3 Series processor
Crestron Digital Media video system
Crestron Sonnex audio system
Dahua IP CCTV system
DrayTek enterprise router
Fortress D-Box home theater seating
JVC X900 projector and Panamorph lens
Kaleidescape Premier Line movie server
Lutron HomeWorks QS lighting control
Lutron Sivoia QS shade control
Meridian 9.4 Digital Theatre
Pakedge remote power management
Sonance DSP power amplifiers
Sonance Sonarray Landscape speakers



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