Industry Q&A: Navigating Trade Shows — Tips and Tricks, Part 3

Aug 06, 2018

We asked the following folks how to maximize their time at Expo — or any other trade show, for that matter:

  • Hemant Daya, Dayatech (HD) Australia
  • Sherrie Edward, Archimedia (SE) Egypt
  • Ankur Bhatt, Sound Sense (AB) India
  • Mike Ranpura, Smart Life AV (MR) UK
  • Sandra Rogers, Smartcomm (SR) UK
  • Manuel Fernández, TrendHouse S.A. (MF) Argentina
  • Karen Chugg, Intelligent Abodes (KC) UK
  • Eric Crawford, The Loop (EC) Boise, ID USA
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Staying hydrated and fed seems obvious, but it can get away from folks. Any strategies here?

HD: The strategy for keeping replenished is easy — coffee and cake at every opportunity! I find that with so much coffee, I also need to keep a bottle of water on hand to keep hydrated.

SE: I walk around with a water all the time, but every time I walk into a booth, I am offered drinks and snacks. It’s a very welcoming effect and makes going thirsty at these shows very hard.

AB: To be honest, thirst and hunger take a back seat when I’m doing what I love. When I attend a trade show, it becomes worse. Sad but true!

MF: Set an alarm every two hours to get 11 ounces of water and, if necessary, bring your own bottle. Avoid energy drinks and coffee. Those drinks will keep you awake for a short period of time, but will dehydrate you, causing fatigue and you to lose your attention span later in the day. Having a protein bar is key to keeping my energy levels balanced if it’s been a good amount of time without having a meal.  

KC: Most of the exhibitors keep us hydrated, thankfully! We tend to be hearty eaters at breakfast, which keeps us going most of the day until our evening meal.

EC: I carry protein powder, trail mix, apples or bananas, and granola bars for while on the floor. The food has to be something I can eat or drink in a couple minutes while walking between booths. I also always start my day with a good “attempted” low carb breakfast from the hotel.

If there is any downtime, what do you do with the R&R hours?

HD: At every exhibition, I think there will be some great downtime for me to just chill. The reality is that the connections you make at these events keeps you out all day and night! Due to flying from Australia to the U.S. for CEDIA Expo, I now travel a few days earlier to make sure the jet lag stays under control. I’m pretty sure that my previous routine of six coffees a day in order stay functioning is not sustainable if I want to be in this industry for the long haul!

SE: That part I enjoy the most. I usually stop by the CEDIA booth or meet up with other industry friends to discuss what we’ve seen and what’s new. We share stories on our experiences and offer to help each other moving forward by sharing resources or expertise.

AB: Downtime? With the way the trade exhibitions are these days, multiple days are not even enough. There’s just so much to see and learn.

MF: I always try to have downtime and what I do is to listen to relaxing music and meditate, even for half an hour. This really helps me focus. If it’s my first time in town, I try to experience the local culture and food.

KC: We rarely have downtime at these events, but the socializing in the evening is usually fun!

Everyone’s Fitbits log lots of steps at these things. What’s the preferred footwear?

MR: Trainers are preferred or casual shoes with good soles. You tend to be on your feet all day, so uncomfortable footwear is the last thing you want to be thinking about.

SR: Definitely FLAT, comfortable shoes, every time. I keep the heels for the evening events.

EC: Comfortable shoes are obviously critical, so I stick with running shoes on casual days or wing tips with arch supports on the formal ones. For events like this you just need to suck it up. It’s only a couple of days.



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