Health and Wellness: Man on a Mission

Ed Wenck
Feb 11, 2020

Mike Maniscalco’s background gives him a fairly unique outlook on the topics of health and wellness in the digital space: His son Zach has Type 1 diabetes, and Maniscalco has been committed to making the monitoring of his son’s condition a digital priority. To that end, he’s studying the concepts behind health and wellness in the CEDIA space constantly, and he’s summed up some of those thoughts in a CEDIA Talk he rolled out at ISE 2020.

“One in two people in the United States has some kind of chronic condition or illness,” says Mansicalco. This means there’s a huge opportunity here, both in commerce and conscience – making people feel better is good for a provider’s soul too, after all.

Mansicalco’s overview includes info on:

Sensors so advanced that they can measure changes large and small, from a person’s body position to minute changes in respiration,

Connected devices in the bathroom that can take stock of bodily fluids,

And connected kitchen devices that can interact with the user in ways we’ve yet to see.

Maniscalco has a lot to say about that last item – imagine a connected fridge that can tell a loved one how many times a relative with memory loss opens the door, or even a food storage and prep system that helps coach someone who’s trying to lose weight. The connected home that Maniscalco envisions goes a long way beyond a tablet full of recipes.

Beyond the kitchen, Maniscalco speaks of a home that makes “people feel better and even younger,” providing lighting that helps with vision or a dedicated exercise space that might, say, offer the user a virtual yoga instructor that could monitor and help correct a student’s poses in real time.

The devices are out there, but there's a hitch. “All this tech is siloed, all this data is siloed,” Maniscalco notes, “and that’s where the integrator comes in.” There’s a chance here to curate and create a truly custom home that speaks to anyone’s needs, from individualized aromatherapies that help with sleep to custom “living walls” full of plant life and soothing soundscapes, from biosensors for disease control to devices that helps a home help scrub its own air and water clean.



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