What's Hiding In Your Profit Column?

Luke Desmond
Feb 10, 2020

Owning an integration business can be lucrative, but could your profit figure be masking some major room for improvement in the performance and finances of your business?
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CEDIA Podcast: Video Calibration

Ed Wenck
Feb 07, 2020

Joel Silver (ISF) and CEDIA's David Meyer talk video calibration on this wide-ranging discussion as to why the process is so important.
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How They Did It: The Z House

Ed Wenck
Feb 06, 2020

Maintaining this home’s aesthetic was key here, and our CEDIA Award-winning firm in this category (Integrated Home, Level I, Asia Pacific), Electronic Living, managed just that.
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Get It In Writing

Davy Currie
Feb 05, 2020

"When it comes to agreements, a handshake isn't enough."
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Can Lightning Strike Twice with Dolby Atmos Music?

Steve May
Feb 04, 2020

Steve May considers the launch of Dolby Atmos Music and asks, have we heard it all before?
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Two-Minute Tech Read: Data Privacy, Meet 2020

Ian Bryant
Feb 03, 2020

The first data privacy act to the US in history arrived on January 1, 2020: California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Here's an introduction.
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CEDIA Podcast: CES Wrapup

Ed Wenck
Jan 31, 2020

Two gents that weren't available for the daily CEDIA podcasts at CES -- John Penney and Michael Heiss -- give us their takeaways on the annual show.
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How They Did It: Big Screens and Man Caves

Ed Wenck
Jan 30, 2020

This Experience Center from Atlanta Audio & Automation is a Control4 Certified Showroom, and won Best Showroom in the 2019 CEDIA Awards.
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