Know Your Cyber Vulnerabilities

Ed Wenck
Jan 27, 2020

Longtime CEDIA volunteer Mike Maniscalco has been hard at work – this time crafting a pair of parallel cybersecurity classes for the traveling Tech Summit events.
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CEDIA Podcast: Identifying the Biggest Cyber Threats

Ed Wenck
Jan 24, 2020

Long-time CEDIA instructor Mike Maniscalco has rolled out a pair of cybersecurity classes (one for business managers, one for technicians) to help you identify the biggest cyber threats to your clients AND your business.
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How They Did It: Up On the Roof

Ed Wenck
Jan 23, 2020

This brilliant Media Room by Audio Images not only won its category in the Americas region, it was also honored as “the best of the best,” winning the 2019 Global CEDIA Award.
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CES 2020: Tech is Much More Than Entertainment

Ian Bryant
Jan 20, 2020

This Two-Minute Tech Read is a wrap-up of the major trends at the annual consumer electronics show in Vegas, CES 2020.
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CEDIA Podcast: The Streaming Show

Ed Wenck
Jan 17, 2020

From devices to providers, there are a lot of confusing combinations and acronyms out there when it comes to content. Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) has been doing the legwork for you, and breaks it down in a manner that can help you ensure your clients are happy.
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How They Did It: The Beach House

Ed Wenck
Jan 16, 2020

Len Wallis Audio picked up the trophy for Best Integrated Home, Level III (Asia Pacific) with this brilliant project.
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I AM CEDIA: Richard Colman, Luxe Smart Homes

Jan 15, 2020

A conversation with the man behind Luxe Smart Homes (UK) who was one of the first to join CEDIA as an "individual" member.
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CEDIA Podcast: CES, Part Four

Ed Wenck
Jan 13, 2020

Non-invasive monitoring. Personalized experiences for different individuals all coming from a single display. Interfaces that can be controlled with a glance. This CES 2020 wrapup includes all that and more.
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