UV to the Rescue: A Two-Minute Tech Read

Ken Erdmann, The Erdmann Group
Nov 18, 2019

How lighting technology can be used to make our food and home environment cleaner and safer.
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The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 150: Defining Competence

Ed Wenck
Nov 15, 2019

One word that's key to an integrator's credibility (and as a result, profitability) is "competence." Defining that word (and putting it into practice) properly is critically important when you're building and maintaining a business in the universe of tech.
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How They Did It: The Winery

Ed Wenck
Nov 14, 2019

The sprawling project that won the 2019 CEDIA Award for Innovative System or Solution is a winery — while it’s a commercial project, many aspects of this integration by Pacific Audio & Communications demand a residential “feel.”
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The Last 5%: Wisdom from Our Members (And Some Others, Too)

Nov 13, 2019

“The toughest part of a job? Sometimes it’s the last 5%.” – Anon.
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Industry Q&A: On Becoming a COI (CEDIA Outreach Instructor)

Nov 12, 2019

The COI program enables CEDIA members to deliver educational presentations on home technology to their local design and build industry partners, helping develop vital new business relationships.
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Standards Update: October 2019

David Meyer
Nov 11, 2019

"There are three key documents that affect the majority of technology integrators and, as such, should be regarded as important reference tools."
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The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 149: Critical Remodeling Stats

Ed Wenck
Nov 08, 2019

Walt Zerbe and G. Paul Hess of SnapAV recently attended a conference on remodeling at The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, and here’s what they discovered.
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How They Did It: The Loops

Ed Wenck
Nov 07, 2019

Our winner for Best Innovative System or Solution in the 2019 CEDIA Awards (Asia Pacific) developed a system that integrated devices called hearing loops, which provide a wireless signal to a user’s hearing aids.
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