The Importance of Confrontation for Interpersonal Relationships

Samantha Ventura
Jul 01, 2019

Confronting someone respectfully and with purpose allows them to explain their thought process or even how they are feeling.
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The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 128: Info from E3 and WWDC

Ed Wenck
Jun 28, 2019

Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) attended E3 (the big gaming show) and has a report — and both he and Walt Zerbe have info from the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in this podcast.
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How They Did It: The Smartlab Showroom

Ed Wenck
Jun 27, 2019

This showroom took Finalist honors in the 2018 CEDIA Americas Awards.
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Blue Light (not so) Special: A Two-Minute Tech Read

Ian Bryant
Jun 24, 2019

You’ve likely heard talk about the negatives of “blue light” from the screens that surround us. How harmful is that blue light and do we need to stay away from it? An update from CEDIA’s Technology Advisory Council and Technology Application & Innovation department.
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The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 127: Expo Education Update

Ed Wenck
Jun 21, 2019

Steve Rissi, CEDIA's director of technical training — a former tech who's worked in the field — and our Senior Director of Education Samantha Ventura join us to give us the skinny on the classes that'll fit your firm's needs and how the Education team has been polishing the training catalog for CEDIA Expo 2019.
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How They Did It: Casa Tortuga

Ed Wenck
Jun 20, 2019

This project won Finalist honors at the 2018 CEDIA Awards (Best Integrated Home, Level IV, Americas). This building is — believe it or not — a $30 million spec home.
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Notes from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies

Ed Wenck
Jun 18, 2019

For the past decade, CEDIA has had a presence at the annual session on remodeling trends at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. CEDIA’s Walt Zerbe participated in the most recent conference there, taking notes and supplying answers to tech questions attendees might have.
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The CEDIA Podcast 126: Guide to Denver, On and Off the Expo Floor

Ed Wenck
Jun 14, 2019

A guide to CEDIA Expo 2019, including stuff to see and do all around Denver when you're not on the show floor.
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