The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 130: Augmented World Expo

Ed Wenck
Jul 12, 2019

Rich Green (Rich Green Ink) attended the Augmented World Expo. He tells us some of what he learned in this deep-dive into AR (both visual AND audio) and its impact on day-to-day living and wellness tech.
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How They Did It: Artful Alleys

Ed Wenck
Jul 11, 2019

This integration by Big Picture Solutions features a truly stunning and artful bowling alley that picked up trophies in the 2018 CEDIA Awards for Lighting and Documentation, and took Finalist honors for Best Integrated Home, Level IV (Americas, 2018).
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The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 129: Best of 2019, So Far

Ed Wenck
Jul 05, 2019

A roundup of clips from some of our favorite (and most popular) shows from the first half of 2019.
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How They Did It: Skyline Views

Ed Wenck
Jul 03, 2019

This residence is meant to be a true oasis, designed for a client with a heavy travel schedule who comes home to enjoy the skyline views from his windows. It picked up Finalist honors for Design Electronics in the 2018 CEDIA Awards (Integrated Home, Level II).
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India Looking Forward

Aditya Gupta
Jul 02, 2019

What does India's new government need to do to help the residential tech industry there? Aditya Gupta of the firm CCIIPL in Mumbai has some thoughts.
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The Importance of Confrontation for Interpersonal Relationships

Samantha Ventura
Jul 01, 2019

Confronting someone respectfully and with purpose allows them to explain their thought process or even how they are feeling.
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The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 128: Info from E3 and WWDC

Ed Wenck
Jun 28, 2019

Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) attended E3 (the big gaming show) and has a report — and both he and Walt Zerbe have info from the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in this podcast.
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How They Did It: The Smartlab Showroom

Ed Wenck
Jun 27, 2019

This showroom took Finalist honors in the 2018 CEDIA Americas Awards.
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