Access to Autoslide

CEDIA members gain access to the one-of-a-kind Autoslide product line, preferred pricing, and inclusion into dealer locator. Autoslide is available in many markets in the U.S., Australia, and additional markets globally.





Transforming Your Sliding Doors

Retrofit sliding doors for the patio, pocket doors, and more with Autoslide. Designed with convenience and elegance to be universal, automated sliding and locking solutions enhance living in place, accessibility, and independence of loved ones and pets.

Automatic Sliding Doors and Locks Work With You

  • Single Patio Doors: Weatherproof to work inside or outside
  • Pet Doors: Don’t cut into a sliding door...automate instead
  • Help Those with Disabilities: Create easy connections between home and outside, and room-to-room
  • Customizable Luxury: Fits most interior pocket or barn doors that are more easily connected than ever before

Why consider integrating Autoslide? Hear all the benefits. 

Using the Autoslide app, you can control your doors from anywhere in the world. With the touch of a button, you can let in guests, packages, and lock back up directly after.