Access to guardDog

CEDIA members gain access to guardDog Protective Cloud Services (PCS). Requiring no cybersecurity expertise to operate and keeping you up to date on any potential threats.






Rethink Cybersecurity with guardDog

guardDog.ai has developed a cloud-based cybersecurity solution - Protective Cloud Services (PCS) with companion Fido device - which proactively protects consumers, small business owners, and large enterprises from continuously evolving cybersecurity threats.

Use of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Field Device Management - allowing devices that detect threats to act on them even without internet
  • Cloud Architecture - provide fast response time and extreme reliability
  • Threat Deterrence - intruders are deterred using hostile defense
  • Real-Time Alerts - guardDog.ai provides customers real-time alerting to detected threats to resolve the threats proactively.

Why consider guardDog?  

Watch to see how guardDog protects all your devices in your home and business with real-time solutions.