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I AM CEDIA Profile: Jamie Briesemeister

Integration Controls | St. Louis, MO

"CEDIA has helped our business in a variety of ways, one of which would be the training that we receive. Both business and technical — we've learned a lot about how to better our business, how to structure our business, how to price everything. At the annual tradeshow, I have countless conversations with peers, sharing business wins — and losses."

— Jamie Briesemeister of Integration Controls in St. Louis, MO.

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I AM CEDIA: Hailey & Michael Daly, Wired by MJD

by Jessica Guyon | Apr 06, 2023

Wired By MJD Michael and Hailey DalyMichael Daly, Managing Director  

Michael is a passionate technology-minded craftsmen with 20+ years’ experience in the electrical industry. He prides himself on offering bespoke technological installs in homes. His passion began as a child, and he started the business on his 18th birthday, completing his first custom installs.  

Dr. Hailey Daly, Senior Operations Manager & Systems Integrator 

Hailey has always had a passion for technology and science. She holds a PhD in Minerals Processing and Industrial Chemistry and has worked alongside industrial partners and academics. In 2015, she came on board full time. She designs and programs all KNX Automation projects and offers her services to electrical contractors wanting to implement KNX automation systems. 

How did Wired By MJD begin and how has it evolved since its founding?  

Wired By MJD originally started with the sister company Good Vibrations Sound Installations, which was born out of a passion for all things audio visual. After qualifying as an electrician and obtaining his Registered Electrical Contractors License, Michael established Wired By MJD.   

Over the years, the two businesses worked together servicing both electrical and AV installations, eventually merging into the company HM Daly Pty Ltd. Today, we trade solely under the name Wired By MJD. Our business has evolved from a company that provided only electrical and AV to now providing complete solutions for full home integration services.  

What’s your favorite part about working in the industry?  

The industry is constantly changing and advancing, so there’s always something new to explore and recent innovations to assist our clients. One of our favorite parts is at the end of a project when everything comes together on a simple platform, and you can show the client how to control their home. Seeing dreams come to reality and the client realizing their life will be easier because of our work is satisfying.   

We also love bringing our day-to-day technologies into one platform. Executing the client’s ideas and coordinating the project isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding. 

From your experience, how does the Australian market differ from other parts of the world?  

Australia is a large country with a low population per capita. The distance from tech manufacturing hubs puts us behind the eight-ball compared to most developed countries.  

The country has poor internet connection and mobile reception, and our power source is traditionally a mix of electricity from power plants and natural gas, although renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular. This creates technological challenges, stock limitations, and increased pricing compared to other parts of the world. This is changing as “high tech” homes become popular.  

The culture on building sites is different as well because there’s a mix of builders and architects on residential sites. Knockdown rebuilds are common, as are new homes, so retrofitting technology isn’t a challenge we face every day. Wireless tech is also on a completely different frequency range to most parts of the world, which means we don’t have as many wireless solutions available for overcoming cabling issues and restrictions. 

What compelled you to join CEDIA?  

Integration is a fast growing, niche industry in Australia, so to have an organisation that can provide small businesses with professional contacts around the globe is a huge advantage. It also allows us to see trends and projects we might not otherwise be privy to.  

Individuals in the CEDIA community volunteer their time to better the industry for everyone, whether it be awareness to other industry professionals or providing better education pathways to those wanting to get involved in this industry.  

Being a member also makes us stand out amongst our competitors. Having been recognized for excellence is valuable when potential clients review their options because it makes them comfortable placing their trust in a systems integrator. 

What does it mean to you that you were finalists in the 2021 CEDIA Awards? And named a CEDIA Member of Excellence?  

2021 was the first time we entered the awards, so to be named finalists was an honour. We’ve been avid viewers of the awards for years, so for our project to be held in high regard was a proud achievement for the entire team. 

Being named Australia’s first CEDIA Member of Excellence was a truly humbling experience. To receive recognition at this level justifies the long hours of hard work and dedication. It was a huge accomplishment for our team. We respect any integration business that reaches this level because we understand the effort it takes. We’ve set this standard, and now aim to maintain it as the benchmark — an example of what should be done when working in the integration world.  

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the industry? 

The most important tool to get ahead of the game in our industry is education: knowing your product, knowing your market, and always looking for what’s next. One of the keys to being successful is gaining a thorough understanding of integration and the various systems on offer. Being a systems integrator requires a broad range of knowledge and is best suited to those who like challenges. Find yourself a mentor and learn from their experiences working with technology. 

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