Detailed Membership Requirements

Membership Classifications

  • Home Technology Integrator

  • Trade Supplier (Manufacturers & Distributors)

  • Industry-Related Professional

  • Individual Membership

Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Smart Home Technology Integrator Members must comply with all applicable state/province, county, country, and/or municipal licensing requirements. Members are required to submit license number(s) and name of jurisdiction granting license to CEDIA.  
  2. Smart Home Technology Integrator Members must carry general liability or similar insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 USD or equivalent and are required to submit the name of insurance provider and policy number(s) to CEDIA.  This requirement is not applicable to Home Technology Professional Members located in countries where general liability or similar insurance is not available.
  3. Until all membership requirements are fulfilled, an applicant is granted provisional membership for a maximum of 6 months after payment is processed. If requirements are not met at conclusion of 6-month provisional period, CEDIA can limit access to benefits or revoke membership.  
  4. An applicant's current operations will determine its membership category.
  5. Dues payment will be processed at time of application submission.
  6. Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  7. By submitting application, applicant agrees to adhere to the CEDIA Code of Ethics and consents to receive all solicitations from CEDIA and its authorized licensees, via telemarketing, electronic mail, texts, fax, and/or other electronic means.
  8. If a company-based membership is purchased, then each employee is considered a CEDIA member representative and may take advantage of member benefits.
  9. Individual membership grants access to a limited number of benefits for one person.
  10. CEDIA Membership is renewed annually on a calendar year, January – December. Your second year of membership will be a pro rate amount based on your year one join date. 
  11. Applicants located in the United Kingdom will be subject to VAT, in accordance with HM Revenue & Customs Notice 741 – Place and Supply of Service.
  12. A membership may be revoked or terminated for violation of the CEDIA Code of Ethics, CEDIA's governance documents or other CEDIA policies.

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