CEDIA Advisory Council

CEDIA Advisory Council 

The CEDIA volunteer structure is led by the Board of Directors and Board Committees; the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Governance Committee and Ethics Committee, as outlined in CEDIA’s bylaws.

Additionally, the CEDIA Advisory Councils also report to the Board of Directors. These councils provide recommendations and guidance on CEDIA initiatives and programs. All councils have a cross section of CEDIA members from various geographic locations, who meet the requirements for the role. There are several working groups and task forces that report to each advisory council.

Certification Commission

Dennis Erskine


Erskine Group, USA

Amanda Wildman

Board Liaison

TruMedia, USA

Andy Baker

Baker Stone Systems, UK

Frank DeFilippis

DISH Network, USA

James Chen is a US-Australian entrepreneur, author, and speaker with over 30 years of experience in the AV industry. He is the Managing Director of Kordz, a multi-award-winning cable manufacturer that engineer cables to be fast, effective and more robust for systems technicians. Kordz works with Vendors, Engineering companies, standards organisations, distributors, integrators and installation partners to develop products that deliver optimum installation performance with unmatched ease of use to help push the boundaries of the Audio-Visual experience.

James is a commissioner, serving on CEDIA’s Certification Commission which regulates industry accredited certification for Professional Systems Technicians. As a technology enthusiast, James recently completed his study of Artificial Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and regularly authors and presents on topics regarding technology, Acoustical and Video design around the world.

James champions the core values of Kordz as ‘Predictable Reliability’ a concept that defines integrity in intelligent system design by predicting and engineering for failure prevention. For James, Predictable Reliability is a constant practice and search for integrity in behaviour, method, systems, products, people, and business.

Matt Manails

BMR Group, Australia

Mike Ranpura

Smart Life AV, UK

Pete Trauth

Nirvana Home Entertainment, USA

Zohir Ramodiya

The Boom Store, India

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Most roles run from January to December, but we are always looking for new industry leaders to get involved. If you are interested please submit our volunteer interest form. 

*All CEDIA Volunteers are required to sign the CEDIA Volunteer Code of Conduct.