How They Did It: Inside Out

Ed Wenck | Oct 04, 2018


The challenge here is in the name, as the Audio Images team noted: “The clients wanted a place for their family and friends to gather, listen to music, watch movies and TV, play games, drink and have fun! Their dream of true entertainment is to be able to host everyone both inside and out of the space, so that all could enjoy.” That “inside-out” experience meant that an entire wall of this room consisted of movable glass panels that open into a large courtyard.

With the room’s footprint set, Audio Images was up to the challenge: “The project already had the poured in place concrete for the front and back walls of the room when we were brought onto the project, but no challenge is too great for our acoustical engineering company, so we set off to find the correct amount of absorption and acoustical treatments to help bring the room back to proper reverberation.”

An informal look belies the extensive and precise calibration this room required: “The system was carefully tuned, voiced and optimized utilizing digital parametric equalization, by PMI Ltd. - using a combination of transfer function impulse response measurements with spatial averaging, time varying windowing, and psychoacoustic smoothing.” The 9.4.2 speaker Dolby Atmos speaker system includes LCR speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen and four compact subs in a “square” configuration. A Barco Madea projector provides a 4K image to a 1.78:1 image area.

Calibration of the room’s audio and video provide a great experience to as many as 15 people at a time. Additionally, careful power management and an HVAC system designed for reduced noise all contribute to the overall quality of this stunning project. The client was also able to add gear he’d dreamed of since childhood: McIntosh components to play the vinyl record collection he’s in the process of rebuilding. CEDIA’s judges call the finished product here “an absolutely lovely installation," awarding it Best Media Room for both the Level III Americas and Global categories.

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ADA SAK-16x150 amplifier
Apple TV
Ashly NE24.24M 8x4 Protea DSP audio matrix processor
Audio Images custom framing and enclosures
Barco Medea projector
Cleerline Technology cables
Crestron HR-150 remote
Iogear adapters
Lab Gruppen C 28:4 amplifier
Liberty cables
McIntosh MP100 phono preamp
McIntosh MT5 turntable
McIntosh MX122 A/V processor
Middle Atlantic racks
PAC RSIC-DC04 decoupler clips
PureLink HTE III TX/RX 4K HDR over HDBaseT extension kits
Sony UBP X1000ES 4K UHD Blu-ray player
Stewart Filmscreen screen
Triad InCeiling Silver/6 Satellite speakers
Triad InWall Gold/6 LCR speakers
Tributaries Cable
Xantech 282D mouse emitters