Members Celebrate Their Anniversaries, Part 1

Ed Wenck | Dec 05, 2018

As CEDIA turns 30, we talk to members who are celebrating successful businesses.

Tell us how and when your company was established:

Miguel Angel MuñoZ V. – Diva Integraciones Audiovisuales S.A. de C.V. (10 years): Diva began in October 2008 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. We started with five people, a lot of enthusiasm, and the desire to make a difference in delivering service.

Adam Salinas – Capitol Technology Group (10 years): We had been working for independent integrators, but they were older and didn't have the same fire to put in as many hours per week as we were willing to. With their blessing, we filed our Doing Business As (DBA) in the summer of 2008 and haven't looked back since.

Dennis Lundell – Aloud AB (10 years): Following a visit to the U.S. and seeing how private residential development was changing from home cinemas to all-compassing integrated systems in the entire home, I saw the opportunity to start a new company in Scandinavia. With 16 years of industry experience, I launched Aloud AB. It seems like yesterday that I hired my first staffer. Today, we are a team of twenty people.

Bruce Thompson – Imagine Audio Video (20 years): Imagine Audio Video was established in the fall of 1998 as a weekend, part-time job. Since I was an integrator for another company, friends and family would ask me to do some work for them to hook up AV equipment. When the referral business grew to friends of friends, it became a full-time job.

Carl Willis – SIAV (10 years): The company originated like most businesses, aiming to bridge a gap in the local market. I left my job at a construction company along with the company’s IT technician, and we started our own IT start-up. I quickly realized the IT field was not for me and, having done some research, discovered that the local AV market was ripe and ready for new entrepreneurs in the industry, so off I went to earn my seat at the table.

Carol Burrow – Majik House (20 years): Tim Chugg set up the company in 1998 after spending 20 years as a manager of a laser engineering company. After designing and setting up systems for people who knew us on the side, he decided to take the plunge and do it for a living. He worked from home, and this became the first Majik House experience center.

Chris Demeniuk – DemNET (20 years): I started DemNET in the summer of 1998. I was working at a large, nationwide electronics retailer and had customers approaching me in the store and telling me how they wanted to connect two different computers to their new fast internet connection, but they didn’t want to pay their ISP for two accounts. I would give them a router and maybe throw in a switch and would tell them that, with these pieces and some cables, they would be good to go. This soon led to them asking me to install it for them. Pretty soon, I was retrofitting houses for data, and things progressed from there.

Daniel Soler – DBD Electronics, Inc. (25 years): 
My company was established in July 1993. I was a manager at the local cable company and had a good relationship with a builder who suggested I should start my own business.

Keishi Matsuzaki – GLANCE Co.,Ltd (10 years): I started helping out in the family high-end home audio business. After graduating from college, I started designing integration solutions. With a desire to venture out into more than just audio systems, I chose to also look at home cinema and home control systems, and this led me to develop my own business.

Jeffrey M. Siegel – Artistic Sound & Cinema, Inc. (10 years): After working as a mechanic and a production manager at an industrial air-moving equipment manufacturing and service business for over 16 years, I reached out to a local AV company and obtained a position as their project manager. I spent a few years there and then realized the best way to move forward was to create a new company of my own. By 2008, I established Artistic Sound & Cinema, Inc.

Jenny Hudleston – Clever Association (15 years): Clever Association was established in 2003, and we have offices in Harrogate and London. After working in the industry with CEDIA and AMX on their marketing materials and strategies, I seized an opportunity to create the elite custom installation company in the North of England. We recruit carefully and now have a team of twelve, made up of project managers, system designers, AV engineers, electricians, and lighting design specialists.

Nick Caripis – BNC Technology (10 years): I was outsourcing/subcontracting my services, but wasn’t satisfied with the company’s workmanship (which I outsourced too) and decided to take it on myself. CEDIA was a major factor in my success to date as it gave me hope as to where I wanted to take my company and that it was possible to elevate and reach the level to which I aspired. Listening to other industry professionals and looking at the CEDIA Awards, I realized that it was possible to grow our industry and bring a high level of workmanship, skill, and design to the South African market. After attending my first CEDIA training in South Africa with Rich Green, I was inspired and then had the determination to start my journey on the path to become a market leader.