Members Celebrate Their Anniversaries, Part 3

Ed Wenck | Jan 02, 2019

As CEDIA turns 30, we talk to members who are celebrating successful businesses.

What has been the company's greatest achievement during this time?

Adam Salinas – Capitol Technology Group (10 years): The best feeling has to be hiring and retaining  quality employees who like coming to work. We constantly strive to keep an open communication platform with our employees, which allows us to build an irreplaceable trust with them. We need them to like where they work and what they do for a living.

Dennis Lundell – Aloud AB (10 years): Key to the company’s success has been a combination of thoughtful recruitment and to a degree, good fortune. I have been lucky to find the right people and as the team has expanded, we have created a scalable model. In the climate of two economic recessions, we invested in two showrooms and always invested and prioritized evolution, know-how, and quality which has given us a good reputation among partners and clients.

Bruce Thompson – Imagine Audio Video (20 years): The biggest achievement for my company has been keeping it running for 20 years. We weathered the economic downturn that started in late 2008. By 2009, our revenue was cut in half, and we let half the staff go. It was the most difficult time we went through. We are a luxury business, and it showed. Realizing that we are primarily a customer service industry that happens to sell electronics, we managed to survive. Because we responded to our clients’ needs, in turn, they provided a strong referral network that kept us going through the lean years.

Jenny Hudleston – Clever Association (15 years): We’ve had the privilege of being a part of many prestigious projects around the world, working alongside some very talented design professionals. As one of the world’s most exclusive addresses, we are very proud to have worked on several apartments within the One Hyde Park development in Knightsbridge, London. We entered a couple of projects for some awards last year and were lucky enough to pick up some great accolades. The award for Best Lutron Project worldwide was quite a scoop for us. To then top that off with Best Cinema, for an incredible no-compromise system in the North East of England and Best Special Project, for a vast equestrian stables, in the CEDIA Awards meant it was a great year for us.

Marvin Dudziec – MDfx (10 years): There have been several achievements in the way that we’ve used technology. For example, before door entry through a touch panel was a thing, we made it a thing. We cobbled together audio switches, microphones, and speakers to make it all happen over 15 years ago. We created two home cinema setups in tree houses in a client’s garden, with steps that lit as you walked up them. But the biggest achievement has been creating our team who have been working hard together for up to 20 years. Everyone gets along together, they’re easily approachable and always receive praise from clients about how friendly and professional they are.

Jay Dibley and Alain Pfanner – WR Integration (10 years): 
I think our biggest achievement to date has been keeping our customers. It’s not easy to make an impression nowadays and then have people keep calling you back as technology advances. With the big box stores throwing ads and deals and sales in everyone’s face all day long, it can be difficult to create value in what we do. We are also pleased with having built a reputation as a company that listens to its clients, designs systems around their individual goals, and consistently delivers the job on time and on budget.