How They Did It: London Apartment

Ed Wenck | Feb 22, 2019

Due to this apartment being separate from the main residence, the client here wanted an easy-to-understand system that they would remember how to use when visiting the property.

The reception room is the heart of the apartment. The client’s main TV viewing was to be done in this room, and they wanted to ensure it would deliver a great sound and viewing experience.

TwentyTwo Integration installed a 75" Samsung screen on a Future Automation bracket that is neatly mounted on the front wall, with Bowers & Wilkins in-ceiling speakers, an Artcoustic soundbar, and Velodyne subwoofer providing the high-quality audio.

Complications arose due to the open-plan nature of this area. Alongside the reception room, there is a dining room and bar area. These can be sectioned off by sliding doors, so acoustics had to be managed accordingly.

Acoustics were generally a major concern for the client, as they worried that noise from their apartment would impact their neighbors. This, coupled with the interior designer’s requirement for ceiling speakers, meant that TwentyTwo Integration had to be sure they did all they could to minimize any sound transfer. Along with the builder ensuring the building structure insulation was appropriate, the integrator installed acoustic back boxes to all speakers.

The team also included easy-to-access sound equalization settings within the Crestron programming to allow bass levels to be adjusted and a “night time”’ mode to be set for music and TV viewing in unsociable hours. For their work, TwentyTwo Integration picked up the 2018 CEDIA award for Best Integrated Home, Level I (EMEA).

TwentyTwo Integration

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