Bringing the Outside In: A Two-Minute Tech Read

Ian Bryant | Sep 03, 2019

Humans have never lived indoors as much as we do today: According to the EPA, we  spend approximately 90% of our time indoors.

For thousands of years — from the dawn of mankind until very, very recently — humans spent the bulk of their existence outside.
People are wired to directly respond to the natural changes in light, sound, scents, and breezes, among other stimuli. While light temperature effects sleeping patterns via our circadian rhythm, sound and air quality also factor into our state of wellness.
Given this, it would be an excellent goal for people to experience the full spectrum of the outdoors when at home or in the office. For example, low color temperatures (around 2k Kelvin) trigger the body to produce melatonin which makes us calm and sleepy. Natural noises, such as rainfall or wind rustling through trees can be equally calming. Complete silence or man-made noise can be the antithesis of this, disrupting our natural ability to focus and concentrate. Lastly, air quality and air patterns become more and more important for people living indoors and in areas with high pollution. Taking a deep breath of air in a forest feels very different than taking one in a city or in your family room. 

There are developments with new technologies —and the application of existing ones — that can have a major impact and assist us with this dilemma. It’s all encapsulated into the term “Biophilia,” an emerging segment of the wellness field which the CEDIA integrator is perfectly suited for.

Practical Applications

Integrators have the ability to install color-changing light fixtures which can address our biological need to be guided by the sun. CEDIA members have been installing speakers for a very long time; they can address the connections we need to environmental sounds. Immersive sound technologies can add to the experience.  

The last part of the equation we need to address is the air in the home.  Control systems, combined with HVAC and other specialized products will address that part, as well as tying all of this stuff together.  
Package all of these systems together  up, present it properly,  and the result is a new business opportunity that can help people live better, healthier lives.
Reference-quality home theaters have a finite customer base, but wellness and biophilia can include everyone on the planet as target customers!. How’s that for a potential customer base?
The topic of wellness and biophilia is so hot right now, there’s a dedicated pavilion at CEDIA Expo 2019. Drop by to experience “nature behind closed doors” and learn more about biophilia and wellness technologies.
NOTE: This Emerging Trends piece is brought to you by CEDIA’s Technology Advisory Council and Technology Application & Innovation department.