How They Did It: Darcie’s Mews

| Aug 18, 2020

Darcie’s Mews. A brownfield redevelopment project in the heart of a conservation area in London, designed by architect Alan Crawford of the Crawford Partnership.

Previously home to a strip of 35 garages on a long and narrow piece of land, Darcie’s Mews was transformed into Crawford’s modern interpretation of a traditional mews development. Mews are narrow streets throughout London that run behind main roads and are historically lined with cobblestones.

The video below reviews the creation of the structure within the conservation area and how it integrates into the existing community style, creating harmony with neighboring trees and garden areas.

Besides incorporating natural wood cladding, living green roofs, and solar panels, Alan Crawford also included ABB-free@home® smart technology in each house, providing energy-efficient control of lighting, ventilation, heating, and door entry via mobile device or voice command.