How They Did It: Project 701

Ed Wenck | Sep 10, 2020

TwentyTwo Integration won a “Highly Commended” trophy for this Integrated Home Level III project at the 2019 EMEA CEDIA Awards. It’s a new build – a three-story, 10,000-square-foot country home that sits on 53 acres of land on the edge of a forest.

The clients, who described themselves as “technologically capable but not nerds,” wanted a home packed with “audio-visual delights,” according to the integration team. “They like the best; however, they are not overly ostentatious and are familiar with living with control systems and the possibilities they can bring, having systems installed in their other homes.”

TwentyTwo continues:

“A wide range of our services and skills were brought to the project with us designing and installing:
audio distribution, video distribution, a fully acoustically treated home cinema, integration control, data network, satellite TV, lighting control, shades and shade control, HVAC control, CCTV/video surveillance, access control to gates and doors, and intruder alarms.”

 Every detail here was carefully considered, and TwentyTwo was as considerate of the design elements as they were with top-flight tech: “In keeping with the design aesthetic for minimal impact in rooms, all switch level control devices such as lighting keypads, touch screens, and thermostats were recessed with Wall-Smart flush mount products and a sleek white glass finish was used.

AV Delights

Speakers were carefully hidden in a number of rooms , according to the team. “We opted for using high quality plaster-in speakers in all audio zone rooms. Since we were able to install speakers during the construction phase and finally invisible behind a thin layer of plaster, we selected the optimum Nakymatone model of speaker suited to each room, and the audio quality was not compromised.”

“The various entertaining and seating areas around the landscaped gardens benefit from Architettura Sonora speakers which integrate into their surroundings.”

For distributed 4K video, “A Crestron DigitalMedia system was installed for ultimate flexibility and reliability. A mix of the latest Sony MASTER OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR and Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD HDR televisions were chosen for their stunning picture quality and reliable IP controllability. To maintain the best in audio quality when watching TVs, Leon two-channel soundbar speakers were installed and paired with Leon subwoofers hidden within joinery.”

Additionally, “A beautiful, fully acoustically treated cinema room was provided using the latest Wisdom speaker solution, Digital Projector and Screen Excellence anamorphic screen.”

The Rest of the Picture

Crestron handles integration control, and the data network here is enterprise grade, with indoor and outdoor wireless access points.  A Lutron HomeWorks QS system controls the 300-plus lighting circuits. The CCTV/video surveillance system includes 26 Visualint cameras, and alarm and access solution are abundant throughout.

The integrator tells us, “Automated events were numerous. On the lighting side, we integrated Basalte Auro motion detectors to automatically turn on lighting scenes in areas such as bathrooms and closets. Pre-set scenes can be recalled and different logic can be set depending on the time of day or even who was in residence. With regards the window treatments these too are programmed that when the client is not in residence (away mode can be selected at front door) the blinds then become part of the astronomical Lutron clock and so rise and fall randomly to simulate occupancy.”

“We installed intelligent power management sequencers to ensure equipment turned itself off in the event of a power outage -- and equally importantly, devise are shut off in the right order thus minimizing the chances of equipment damage. We were futher able to set regular equipment power cycles to try and minimize equipment lockups, particularly with the Sky and Apple TV boxes.”

Landscape lighting and irrigation systems round out this massive integration, which CEDIA’s judges described as “a beautiful project, high in complexity and execution.”

For a complete list of the gear used in this integration, check the CEDIA Awards website.