How They Did It: Cinegration's Arvada Experience Center

Ed Wenck | Oct 22, 2020


Cinegration’s Control4-driven space gives one an immediate, intuitive experience – it’s really set up like a high-tech home, not a retail store. That’s why the words “Experience Center” are right in the name of this 2020 CEDIA Award winner for Best Showroom (Americas).

The firm went into the project with several very clear goals in mind, among them:

  • First and foremost, to educate clients (and close sales effectively),
  • Increase the segment of their business involved in lighting and shading, and
  • “Educate builders and interior designers on new technologies and the importance of working with custom integrators early in the process.”

The team from Colorado’s Cinegration walks us through this award-winning space:

“Prospects enter into an open door, brightly lit with high-CRI downlights and abundant yet indirect natural light through two large windows. Semi-sheer Lutron shades manage the light and are incorporated into scenes for demonstration.

“The showroom is divided into several amply-lit experience zones, with darkness in between to create a sense of direction and movement. At the beginning of the demo, all zones of audio are playing at a level just above the noise floor. During the demonstration, the design consultant will use a local keypad button to ‘focus’ the audio into the zone they are demonstrating – in other words, mute all other zones and turn the current zone up. Pressing the button again will revert to the default demo state.


A Call to Action

“Most experience zones have a plaque that introduces a special idea and a call to action inviting the client to initiate a command to the system. We want the client to begin touching and feeling the system as soon as possible to get over initial trepidation. The plaques have the added benefit of creating a self-guided tour during the era of social distancing.”

To the left of the entrance is the front hallway, with the experience plaque, “Complete Lighting.” The purpose of this area is to inspire the prospect to begin mentally painting their home with light.

To the right of the entrance and facing parallel to the cafe is the area called “Disguise and Hide.” This experience is based around extending the illusion of a 55-inch Samsung Frame TV in art mode. Full range audio is reproduced with Sonance Invisible Series speakers and subwoofers.

The largest zone of the experience center is typically referred to as the “Family Room,” however, the accompanying experience plaque reads “Immersive Entertainment.” This room represents a living-area entertainment system, and the technology from dedicated theaters that can be used to improve experiences in great rooms, rec rooms, and common areas.


The Power of Control

Along the wing-wall of the cafe is an experience plaque called “The Power of Control,” and is mounted next to a Control4 touch screen. The experience plaque reads: “One Interface is all you need to access your entire smart home system” – and then the technology proves the point.

Cinegration worked hand-in-hand with manufacturers to create this 1400-square-foot center – for example, Fortress Seating built the sectional sofa to their specs. The firm explains the design work here: “Cinegration generated a 3D layout of the suite, while finish materials, custom cabinets, and furniture were curated by a local interior design firm. The most dramatic contributions from the interior designers were to add a brick veneer to the longest wall of the showroom, and use durable luxury vinyl tiles in a wood-look to add a rustic-modern feel.”

Cinegration’s Arvada Experience Center drew a LOT of praise from CEDIA’s judging panel. They called it “stunning,” “the perfect example of a true custom integration experience center,” and “just a great presentation.”


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