Industry Q and A: On the Importance of the CEDIA Awards

Ed Wenck | Nov 03, 2020

CEDIA members tell us about the Awards – why they enter, how it helps their businesses, and what it means to make the shortlist.

Why do you enter the CEDIA Awards?

Scott Sauer, The Digital Picture, Ormeau, QLD, Australia

We enter the CEDIA Awards every year, mainly because it's great to have our work measured against the best of our peers. There's not any other places for us to see how the quality of our work can be benchmarked against everyone else in the industry -- and that's not just Australia, but across the world.

Keith Martens, Audio Images, Tustin, CA, USA

We've invested in CEDIA ever since the beginning in 1995 because we believe that CEDIA continues to set the standards that our industry should strive to achieve.

Michael Sherman, Henri, Paris, France

We enter the CEDIA Awards for our team. We do it to highlight the amazing and precise job they can deliver working all together. But most of all, we enter to reward them. When we win a CEDIA Award, there is a true feeling of pride from the team, knowing they compete with the best and that they are one of them.

Kassa Harrison, Harrison Home Systems, Lakewood, CO, USA

We enter the CEDIA Awards to showcase our team's work. Entering the awards drives us to keep improving and pushing the envelope to be the best we can be as a company.

Terry Morton, Land & Sea Entertainment, San Diego, CA, USA

There's no other place that we know of in the world where your work can be judged by the top people in the industry, so a win from CEDIA means everything to us.

How do the Awards elevate your business?

Oliver Hall, Ultamation, Liverpool, UK

We've been to a few of the Awards dinners now, and every time I come away buzzing with new ideas of things that we could do better. 

Stephen Nevison, Intuitive Homes, Manchester, UK

I feel based on what we see from our peers and how they do things, CEDIA Awards gives everyone a chance to see how they can raise the bar.

Jan Erik Eden, Atlantic Control Technologies, Annapolis, MD, USA

I believe that the CEDIA Awards really help to elevate the entire industry, maybe even the entire building industry, because their rigorous inspection of best practices and documentation really resonates with the idea of professionalism with our industry partners. And also, a little friendly competition amongst peers never hurts, right?

Dean Belton, Argus Technologies, Mulgrave, VIC, Australia

The CEDIA Awards have been a great form of promotion for our business. We've only been members for a very short time, but to be able to leverage the Awards and to showcase some of our winning projects to new builders and new clients has been a great way to attract new business.

What’s it mean to be nominated for a CEDIA Award?

Mark Bridger, Bridger Automation, Mermaid Beach, QLD, Australia

To be nominated for a CEDIA Award, especially in the toughest category -- Best Integrated Home, Asia-Pacific -- is a great accolade for our business. It puts us on a stage where we're recognized for all the hard work that we do.

Simon Clarke, Clarke Infinity, Billericay, UK

We're really proud to be nominated for an award with CEDIA. It elevates our business to a new level and it's good to be recognized within our industry.

Jason Voorhees, Cantara, Costa Mesa, CA, USA

At Cantara, we've been fortunate enough to have won a few awards from CEDIA over the years and each year it's special for us. It's a moment for us to take just a little bit of a pause and reflect on the quality of work that we get to do for our clients.