How They Did It: Bespoke Art Deco Media Room

Ed Wenck | Dec 03, 2020


Boutique AV managed a spectacular feat at the 2020 CEDIA Awards – the firm won five awards, four of which for a single project, their “Bespoke Art Deco Media Room.” This beautiful solution won Best Media Room, Level II, Best Lighting, and Best Documentation in the Asia Pacific region, as well as picking up the Global Media Room trophy. It’s the best in the world, and it’s easy to see why.

The Boutique AV team sent along a document that outlined the scope of work, and the process. Some highlights:

“The initial performance objective stemmed from ‘Mr Client.’ He was looking to work from home more frequently and expressed an interest in replicating his three-screen computer station at the office (on a larger scale). He further thought this design could seamlessly cater to the media requirements of the two other family members in the home, his wife and son, to be able to creatively watch TV together as a family, each member with the ability to view their own content.

Our team designed an 84-inch Tri-Display AV solution after consulting with each family member to identify their AV use cases and then cross-referenced and complied an initial functionality brief.

“The family can now watch and listen to a matrix of options through the surround-sound system or on one of three dedicated headphones which can be individually switched to the AV source they are interested in watching or listening. A dedicated custom-built PC has been installed as a secondary input to the Displays, to meet the professional use cases that Mr Client specified.

“The next performance objective was the overall room design with ‘Mrs Client,’ who has a beautiful design eye for her Victorian-Style Home.

“After many architects attempted to work with Mrs. Client to design the Art Deco theme, Mrs. Client was left with no solutions that satisfied her. Our in-house design team ordered to assist. Our knowledge of Art Deco was not vast, but Mrs. Client’s passion helped push us to come up with a design that works.

“We also had to consider the client's age and familiarity with technology solutions. The clients’ request was that an interface must be very simple and visually easy to navigate. The iPad user interface solution that we arrived at was built entirely in-house through our graphics and software team. This interface was built from the ground up, which involved timely Art Deco style boarding and software engineering.


“Through our teams’ close workings with Mrs. Client on designing the room, we had a unique opportunity to bring the room to life through creative lighting concepts. Mrs. Client was very keen on having an immersive, colorful lighting feature to be used as in some areas of the room. Since she didn’t want to be left with the same colors every day, she asked if we could make it a bit animated and interesting. We chose MA Lighting for this application, as it is second to none in terms of its programming capabilities. This is a system that is generally reserved for running Olympic Opening ceremonies, or the Superbowl halftime show, but has the ability to scale down to a smaller application like ours.

“The system has a variety of lighting shows stored for the media room that run each night automatically, also allowing favorites to be selected from the iPad interface. The building façade lights also run every night, and have specially scheduled shows with the Media Room for Easter, Christmas, and NYE, along with exclusive shows for Summer or Winter months.”

CEDIA’s judges noted immediately that this media room, with its fantastically intuitive user interface, clever audio delivery, sound isolation applications, and brilliant – pun intended – lighting solutions, was as they put it, “SUPER creative.”

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