2021--The Future Looks Bright

Samantha Ventura | Jan 21, 2021


Looking ahead, CEDIA is extremely excited about the 2021 plans we have in motion focused upon education, standards, certification, and of course, keeping a committed eye on developing the workforce of our industry. We plan on delving into the topics of immersive spaces, programming, best practices for the business owner, as well as content distribution, and early work on some extremely important standards, such as CEB23, the recommended approach to theater design

We are knee deep in creating a very holistic experience of learning for those in our industry. We believe the standards inform the educational experiences we provide, with the certifications illustrating the successful culmination of learning. We are still planning to localize classes in our online learning platform, the CEDIA Academy, for our UK learners, and will see our next new certification, the Integrated Systems Technician (IST) head to beta in a little over a month.

We plan on bringing our areas of focus to everyone in the way of larger virtual experiences, in-person learning opportunities, online self-paced classes, and through our many articles, blogs, and highly engaging podcasts. We are committed globally to partnering with more local institutions of learning, while also working to make our tried-and-true learning conferences at Expo and ISE as engaging and relevant as possible. We also recognize the lingering effects of the pandemic on people, and how they live and how they work. We are planning on delving into the topic of utilizing home spaces successfully for people who have found themselves now sharing their living space with their office materials, and possibly other family members.

While there is no one who can definitively say what is in store for our world in 2021, we at CEDIA are looking forward to expanding our educational offerings this year, and excited by the many familiar faces we are hoping to see both in person and online, and the new ones we have yet to meet.