How They Did It: Hobsons Bay

Ed Wenck | Jan 28, 2021

Some projects require more than others. For this CEDIA Award winner, the job demanded pretty much every arrow in Argus Technologies’ quiver.

The firm handled literally every aspect of this home that involved power, from low- to high-voltage: yes, even the main electrical system in this knock-down/rebuild project.

This was a home that was constructed by a “volume builder,” which meant that Argus had to compete a bit with upsells such as pricier kitchen countertops. Fortunately, though, “With Argus Technologies acting as the sole electrical contractor for this very ‘custom volume-build, it ensured a seamless arrangement with the builder and a consistent quality of finish across the site.”

One sprawling aspect of this integration? Lighting. Argus designed, wired, and installed all 67 circuits throughout the home.

Illuminating Details

The Argus team gives us the specs on the lighting design, laid out by their in-house experts in the field, which includes downlights, step lights and under cupboard kitchen lights:

“Drawing on experience from previous projects the following design principles were applied:

1. Specifying ‘warm-white’ temperature light fittings to match the traditional color pallet of the home.

2. Selecting LED light fittings as standard to align with building code energy efficiency requirements.

3. Specifying dimmable lighting circuits to general living and bedroom areas to create mood lighting and functional scenes across the home.

4. Using motion sensors in hallways, cupboards, toilets, and robes (closets) to automatically activate lighting for convenience and energy management.

“The client supplied a feature chandelier, two kitchen pendants, and four front of house wall lights that were installed by Argus Technologies during the build.”

Future-Ready AV

Audio distribution includes five zones with pre-wiring for five more, and there are four zones of video.

Integration control is handled by Control4. The networking here is incredibly robust, with no less than 47 data points that all tie back into a rack in the study. The system “was extended to incorporate devices such as in-wall touchscreens, IP cameras, and various network interfaces for the integration of the listed subsystems,” according to the Argus team. Beyond the hard-wired infrastructure, Wi-Fi was configured to support three separate wireless networks:

Client – for all parent devices,

Kids – for the childrens’ tablets, and,

Automation – for automation devices that had no Ethernet interface.

There’s an expansive security system, too, and even the irrigation was automated by Argus. The HVAC integration solution was developed by Argus (in conjunction with the builder and Control4) that features the popular Brivis system.

The home includes a number of timers that shut down rooms in the right situations. If, for example, the kids aren’t using a room for an extended period, the systems in that room go dark. The slightest bit of motion, however, restarts that timer so the room is not plunged into darkness while occupied.

Useful and Fun

This project incorporates lots of cool details including a voice announcing, “Dinner’s ready!” to the kids in their study at the appropriate time via a one-button control panel touch.

Among the other nifty features:

“When at work, the homeowners can choose to accept parcel deliveries by using the Control4 Intercom Anywhere app on their iPhones. Having answered a remote Intercom call from their iPhone, they can push a custom ‘Garage Door’ button within the app to automatically disarm and open the garage door without disarming the rest of the home. Whilst watching the live CCTV video 11 of 31 stream of their Garage IP camera, they can instruct the delivery driver on where to leave the parcel and visually confirm that the delivery has been made. Once complete, pushing the same button will close the garage door and re-arm the garage.

Find complete equipment list for this project in their entry at the CEDIA Awards site.