I AM CEDIA: Mauricio Mejia, Part Two

Ed Wenck | Feb 11, 2021


More of our chat with Mauricio Mejia, HomeTech El Hogar Digital SAS, Medellin, Colombia.

CEDIA:  Do you guys have a mission statement or a guiding principle, something that hangs on the wall that you follow every day?

Mejia: Yeah. Yeah, of course. It's very easy and clear: It's “generate richness.

I explain to my team all the time that we have to generate richness for our employees. We have to generate richness to our providers. We have to generate richness to our country, to our partners, and also of course to our clients.

But richness for our employees is first. You have to help your employees, and how you can create richness in your employees, training, offering opportunities and providing a great salary.

CEDIA: Did you have mentors along the way, and what was the best piece of advice that those mentors provided you? 

Mejia: Yeah. I have a mentor. He's my partner with the lighting company that I have. His name is Juan Alberto Antonio. I met him when I was in the university, he began a company for smart homes -- he owns the biggest electrical company in Colombia. I went to his company and I installed the computers, the Wi-Fi, the access points. We wound up becoming great friends.

One day, early on in the partnership, he said, “Hey, Mauricio, it's very important you are an engineer, of course, but you have to continue to study, man. To maintain your company. You have to study administration, running a business.” That’s why I got an MBA.

CEDIA: You mentioned your older brother. It is a family business. That seems to be really important to you.

Mejia: They are totally, totally important, and my mom and everybody. I’m kind of a workaholic, so family time like barbecues and such, is really good for me.

CEDIA: How else do you relax?

Mejia: Tennis! I'm going to the U.S. Open in Miami. I really love tennis. My brother, my family, we all play tennis.

CEDIA: What’s one piece of advice that you would give to somebody who is just starting out in the CEDIA industry?

Mejia: If you have a hamburger restaurant, how much about that business really changes? How often has the recipe evolved over the time you’ve been in business?

Technology, on the other hand, is moving so much faster, so you have to constantly be educated. Without education, you're just going to be a small, average business. CEDIA is the perfect, perfect way to be educated, to receive education in our business.

It’s the difference between being just a mediocre firm and a thriving, growing company. What do you want to do? Just install some things and that's it? No. You want to be a professional, you want to be an expert, you want to be the trusted voice for your clients.

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