The Last 5%

Ed Wenck | Feb 23, 2021


Median revenue for a custom installation company is up well over 10% from 2019. – Jason Knott (CE Pro) on a surprising stat that his research uncovered on the CEDIA podcast “Review and Preview – 2020 and 2021”

Volunteer! Take a chance, meet more people, get involved. As an African-American woman in this industry, it was essential that I had connections with other people who were experts in integration. – Janeen Gaskins (G.A.S.K.I.N.S. Charity, CEDIA Education Volunteer of the Year Award 2020 recipient) on the importance of volunteering from CEDIA’s Annual Report Webinar

You know what’s it like when you come out of a great movie – you’re in an alternate universe, and it takes a while to shake it off? You’re in the car, you’re driving home, and you’re still affected by it. That’s nothing compared to what is about to happen to us. -- Rich Green (Rich Green Design) on the psychological impacts of extended reality from the CEDIA Podcast “XR Update”

I am a CEDIA member because that’s the only platform available to integrators like us to build a community with colleagues, raise our standards, and transform ourselves from being merely businessmen into experts – it’s the perfect place to get your personal perspective out of the way and get the right perspective in place. – Maulik Unadkat (Beyond Alliance) on the importance of CEDIA membership, from CEDIA’s Annual Report Webinar

Our standard response when asked what our favorite TV is to reply with a simple question: “What is your favorite screwdriver? Philips or bladed or Torx or hex or Robertson?” Old, sage techs simply say, “Use the right tool for the job.” – Joel Silver (ISE) in a conversation with CEDIA’s Walt Zerbe about the fundamental differences between various displays

As a rep firm, we though it was really important to get the information out there, not just to our integrators, but the design community. – Jason Sayen (LK & Associates) on why he’s a CEDIA Outreach Instructor, from CEDIA’s Annual Report Webinar